15 Tools to Help You Easily Manage & Create Proposals in 2020

Better sales proposals mean better business. Businesses worldwide are constantly looking to efficiently build, store, and manage proposals, and at the same time, gain improved insight into their sales pipeline and performance.

Proposal software that is designed to address these needs can significantly help reduce the non-billable time consumed in drafting content for sales proposals. Proposal writing software turns the process of creating and sending quality proposals simple and hassle-free.

So how do you choose the best proposal software?

Before comparing the various proposal software options available and settling for your best fit, it is important to tick off this short checklist.

User Interface (UI)

Is the UI clean and attractive?
Does it help understand and perform basic functions easily?


Is the proposal software easy to learn and use?
Does the product offer good user support, tutorials, and technical training?

Features & Functionality

  • Does the proposal software offer basic proposal templates to get you started? Are there a variety of proposal options to be used for different industries?
  •  RFP Database Uploads – Does the proposal generation software help with uploading a proposal to your RFP Database? Does the proposal software make it easy and quick to reply to RFPs?
  •  Collaboration – Can you work on sales proposals across teams? (share, respond, comment, send, or edit)
  • Reporting and Data – Does the tool facilitate reporting with data like rate of engagement, views, tracking downloads, and so on?


Is it easy to connect with other CRM tools?
Are there any pre-built integrations available?

Value for money

How appropriate is the price for the tool?
Is pricing transparent and flexible?

Listed below are some of the best proposal software available in the market. You may still want to assess the tools yourself, but this will probably help save time evaluating proposal software that may never fit your business needs in the first place. Irrespective of what your business is or how you send proposals, this is a list with something for everyone.


The PandaDoc mobile app which is available on iOS and Android helps create customized proposals quickly and easily through smart collaboration tools and integrations with several CRMs. It houses a content library to easily address a prospect's queries. concerns and questions. The application provides custom notifications to know when a client opens a sales proposal, time spent on reading it, and so on. Additional benefits include features for easy contract renewals, and simplified recruiting and onboarding.

Monthly charges of $19 per user
Customized pricing based on the additional features


With its drag-and-drop proposal builder, Zomentum streamlines the process of creating proposals using both external and in-built templates. It enables personalization of proposals like video addition, sending proposals in the form of interactive microsites and so on. 

Zomentum’s digital signature feature gives prospects and clients a fast and convenient way to sign documents. Users can track when a document is opened, commented, or signed by a prospect, as well as send reminders to those who haven’t signed the document yet.

In addition to this, Zomentum also comes with an in-built CRM and automation modules making it a complete sales platform for your sales team.

Free trial available
Monthly charges of $99 per enterprise


Proposify is a web proposal tool, with a mobile app available for iOS users. The application’s drag-and-drop interface allows easy additions of text, images, and videos to a document. The proposal generation software has robust analytics features that enables users to track top-viewed sections of a proposal, the number of times it was viewed, and time spent on different sections.

Monthly charges of $19 per user for up to five proposals
Monthly charges of $49 per user for unlimited proposals
Custom pricing for additional features


With an extensive library of proposal templates and a powerful drag-and-drop editor, Venngage enables users to create striking proposals in very less time. The proposal software has a simple interface with 24-hour customer support.

Price: Free trial available
Monthly charges of $49 for a business plan


RFPIO is an AI based tool that enables businesses to import draft proposals and export a final document in their chosen format. Users can collaborate with multiple stakeholders directly through the software. Using artificial intelligence, RFPIO's intelligent recommendation engine can suggest content from a library of responses that best suits a given RFP. The right people can then be looped into a project to quickly put together the required proposal to cater to the RFP received.

Free Demo available
Pricing available upon request


Qwilr’s document editor enables users to embed interactive content like video, maps, dashboards, Google Sheets, and more, into their proposals. The proposal software helps track, report and measure engagement on the sent proposals. It also includes a quote and accept tool that enables simple and accurate pricing.

Business pack at $75/month
Enterprise pack at $5,880/year 


Bidsketch helps include previously used sections of a proposal or a company's sample proposal language, into a new proposal. It also provides specific sections to indicate optional fees for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The proposal software provides notifications when a proposal has been viewed or has been exported as a PDF.

Price: Monthly charges of $23 per user
$47 for 3 users
$119 for 8 users 


Osmosis is a web app that helps users create client questionnaires (or project scope), as well as proposals. Proposals are presented in the form of a web page that can also be exported as a PDF. Osmosis integrates with several other tools like Basecamp and Trello.

Price: Monthly charges of $19 per user  for 10 proposals
$49 for 5 users for 35 proposals
$99 for 10 users for 2,000 proposals


Loopio enables users to build a RFP response library, in which content can be categorized. Its automation engine then helps auto-populate a proposal by picking content from the library. Loopio gives users the ability to associate relevant content with SMEs, making it easier to know who to talk to, when it comes to updating and customizing information.

Pricing available upon request


This proposal software has an elegant drag-drop UI that enables reordering sections and adding new or previously used content. The proposal generation software also features reminders for senders, to remember to follow up after sending. It has a built-in library of various professional proposal templates.

Monthly charges of $29 per user  for 5 proposals
$49 for unlimited users  for 20 proposals
$129 for unlimited users  for 50 proposals

Quote Roller

Quote Roller is a web application with a pricing feature that sets it apart from other tools; it enables users to calculate a project’s profit margin, allows applying of discounts, choosing items on an a la carte basis, and more. Pricing and packages can be discussed among different stakeholders in real time on the document. It includes dynamic content tokens that helps easily update all the occurrences of a client's company name throughout a proposal.

Monthly charges of $19 per user for up to five templates
Monthly charges of $39 per user for unlimited templates
Custom features and pricing available on request


With simple drag and drop features, Proposable makes creating proposals amazingly easy.  It also provides notifications when documents are viewed. The proposal software offers estimate framework and intuitive analytics to understand a sales pipeline better.

Monthly charges of $39 per user
Custom integrations and more additional features at varied pricing


The Microsoft-only web app is suitable for efficiently managing the different stages of the proposal process. Its content library stores approved content sections. The features include an online presentation tool, and advanced reporting to track views and read-duration. The web app has built-in DocuSign for easy and secure signing.

Monthly charges of $50 per user


RFP360 enables proposal automation, workflow management, collaboration, and reporting to streamline the response management process.

RFP360 has curated RFP answers in a knowledge library, and speeds up the response process using AI to suggest responses and export proposals. Users can assign tasks, manage deadlines, and communicate with stakeholders, all in one place. Intuitive analytics features help analyze time spent on proposals and other key metrics.

Pricing available upon request

Better Proposals

With over 100 fully customizable templates ready to use, Better Proposals is an intuitive proposal editor that comes with robust analytics features. It also allows purchasing additional templates. The proposal software has integrated signature and payment features. These features enable quick signing of proposals and paying deposits in minutes.

Starter at $19 per month
Premium at $49 per month
Enterprise at $129 per month