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How sales proposals for MSPs should be in 2020?

Illustration showing Sales Proposals

Proposals are the backbone of many organizations and their businesses. For an MSP salesperson, sending a sales proposal brings immense satisfaction and excitement in the entire sales cycle. All the hours of hard work, strain, calls, and client visits seem to transform an unsure lead to a ready-to-sign potential customer. 

But do we understand what really goes into proposals that close? We appreciate the MSP’s good deeds. But what if a winning proposal is the one that convinces your user to view and seal the deal? 

The answers to these questions are still a secret to most of the MSPs and their sales team. 

In this blog, we analyze certain numbers that give you an edge over your competition. And by the end, we would like to know how effective were these techniques for you in leveraging your proposals and sealing the deal.

The ideal length of your proposals

Deciding what to include in an MSP proposal is a tricky task. You need to include enough information in your proposal so that the customer can come to conclusions. But the quantity should not exaggerate your prospects. 

The average proposal contains 11 pages. And we group these pages into 7 sections. 

So, here is the catch: a proposal is not about how well you can write or frame sentences, but your copywriting skills to write convincingly. Be clear about your plans for solving your lead’s pain in the best way. 

The ideal length of your proposals

Every proposal is different, but most of them follow a similar flow with the sections mentioned below. 

Average Proposal Contains 11 Pages Divided Into 7 Sections

The key is to keep information concise, convincing and organized so your proposal is not overwhelming for the reader and it’s easy to consume. 

Affect of images in close rate

Adding images to your MSP proposal improves the close rate by 23%. Compelling imagery in your proposal shows you care about the presentation of your brand’s image. It helps your prospect analyze your dedication towards providing a better customer experience. 

Affect of images in close rate

Affect of time in close rate

There’s only a single month that stands well above the others. December.

While December has the highest close rate at 38%, July has the lowest close rate of proposals at 33%. 

Affect of time in close rate

By analyzing the time in which you must send proposals, you reach the potential leads effectively when compared to the cold ones. And MSPs must not let this slip away. 

The time to send the proposals

What time you send an MSP proposal is very important, and we help you understand the best time to send proposals to improve your chances of closing a deal. 

Here’s the catch: that there’s no silver bullet and no such particular time to mention. 

But the interesting part is most of the proposals close either the same day or the following business day. 

The time to send the proposals

The best time to send your proposal is to send it right away. The longer you wait to get a proposal to your prospect, the less likely that the deal will close. 

Responsiveness of the proposals

It’s obvious that most of the proposals are accessed on a desktop. But one-quarter of the potential buyers or IT organizations use mobile devices. And that’s a good number of potential business, which you must never mess with. 

No matter the situation, your proposals must be responsive to the intuitive use of business tools like email, calls and messaging platforms on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Responsiveness of the proposals

If your proposals aren’t optimized for mobiles, you are losing deals. 


Your proposal is still in a pending state until it’s signed. And when it comes to signatures, the data is clear: proposals with E-signatures are 3.4x more likely to close than the ones without the feature. For a potential client, it is time-consuming to print, sign, scan and return a document. In a highly competitive industry, the time spent to sign a proposal manually can be used in doing something more useful. 


If your prospects are signing your proposals using a pen, then you’re decades behind. 


Zomentum puts the numbers on your side. If you want to skyrocket your close rate, then uncover Zomentum, an MSP sales and proposal software to create, send and close professional looking proposals that impress leads and close deals faster. 

Implement the useful tricks mentioned above and see your close rate increase.