A CRM software built exclusively for MSPs

Zomentum CRM software helps you manage opportunities, clients and your sales process efficiently to achieve fast growth.
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Shorten Sales Cycle
Close More Deals
Increase Revenue

Visualize your sales pipeline

Organize your contacts how you want them

Have all your clients and contacts, organized in a single place. Associate every client and contact with an opportunity in your pipeline. Push data from all popular PSA and marketing automation tools into your CRM with real-time integrations.

Customizable pipeline stages

Configure every stage of your sales pipeline as per your business needs. Define how your opportunities move across every stage of the sales funnel and close them faster.

Don’t lose sight of any opportunity

Manage your opportunities using our pipeline view. Know what your sales pipeline looks like and predict what your sales revenues would look like for the month, quarter or the year.

Everything you need in a single feed

Get a Single page view of your entire CRM with a panoramic sales pipeline view. Highlight opportunities that are unattended and assign tasks. Stay on top of  important opportunities, complete tasks, create activities, and win more deals in less time.

Intuitive and easy to use

Get a 360-degree view of all sales activities

Track and note all opportunity information such as calls, emails, and events in a single place. Never miss an opportunity and win clients with timely follow-ups.

Task management

Schedule tasks, meetings and  emails, set up timely reminders for activities. Take quick notes, to make sure that you never miss anything.

The CRM that ticks all the right boxes

Automate follow-ups and never drop the ball
See and track the timeline for all the sales activities
Easily visualize the opportunities that are slipping
Personalise automated emails
Two way email sync for all communication
Know the win probability for any deal
Open & click tracking

View pipeline for each individual user or entire team

Help every sales rep switch between multiple views to keep track of individual leads in a pipeline. See opportunities across the pipeline for every individual salesperson and monitor the close rate. Prioritize time and effort on every opportunity based on deal size and the probability of closure.

Integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem

Zomentum Integrates with all your native PSA tools including Connectwise and Auto-task to bring all your client and sales information into a single tool. Combine Zomentum’s integration feature with Zapier integration to import leads from any marketing or process automation tool that’s a part of your sales ecosystem.

Everything you’ll ever need in a CRM and more.

Email Templates

Use recurring email template for quick follow-ups and personalize your emails with merge-tags.

Activity & Notification

Gain alerts on unscheduled activities, overdue tasks. Get timely notifications on sales goals.

Activity Feed

Keep track of all opportunity related information in a single activity feed.

Bulk Import

Import product catalog from distributors and vendors in common formats such as CSV or Excel.

Global Search

Quickly find what you’re looking with an easy to access global search function.

Email Tracking

Stay on top of all incoming and outgoing email communication with every opportunity separately.

Two Way-Email Sync

Send and receive all communication in Zomentum through two-way sync.

Email Alias Support

Send and receive e-mails also through your registered aliases.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure two-factor authentication to bolster your data security.

Win Opportunities Today with Zomentum.

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Shorten Sales Cycle
Close More Deals
Increase Revenue