Visualize crucial metrics and gain actionable insights

Intuitive visualization that fuels smart business decisions from an opportunity to closure.
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Library of commonly used reports

Use one of the predefined reports to create reports quickly, gain actionable insights that fuel smart business decisions.

Custom reports

Create your custom reports from a wide array of metrics specific to your business needs. Gain insights on overall business metrics or drill down to get granular insights.

A report for your every need

Sales activity reports

Intuitive and aesthetic dashboards that highlight all critical metrics and remove the pain of data collection and transformation to help you report on it. Understand the tasks/activities that are scheduled vs complete in each task, etc.

Track average conversion time

Track your average time spent across each stage in the funnel. Track close rate, overall sales performance, and keep track of the bottom line of your MSP business.

Sales agent performance reports

Track sales rep performance individually and as a team. See document conversions and sales rep productivity. Gain insights from easily consumable information to make smart business decisions.

Pipeline conversion report

Track all important pipeline conversions across each stage in the funnel including time spent in each stage and task completed vs scheduled in each stage.

Monitor timeline reports

Stay on top of the big picture with accurate timeline reports that span monthly, yearly, weekly and quarterly projections. Compare timelines to project performance and make smart decisions.

Document reports

See the performance of each document, or by each rep to streamline the sales cycle. See which quote or proposal works best and converts most to create document templates that help you win.

Visualize data the way you want

Create a report with the appropriate illustration based on the context. Track your sales growth in a bar graph, monitor opportunity conversions as a funnel, or overall opportunity conversions as a pie chart. Choose the right kind of visualization you need based on the context.

Monitor KPI

Track all your important KPIs such as overall sales growth, time spent in each stage, sales task completed vs scheduled in each stage. Documents that are active in each stage of the funnel. Find out what works and take decisive action to grow your business.

Fits like a glove

Bring all your client and sales information into a single tool using Zomentum’s native integration with all popular PSA tools, including BMS Kaseya , Connectwise, and AutoTask. With extended Zapier support,you can move opportunities to or from any marketing automation or PSA tool that’s a part of your sales ecosystem.

Win Opportunities Today with Zomentum.

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Free 14-day Trial
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