All the features your MSP sales process needs, and none of the fluff that you don't.

Free up headcount, replace multiple tools, hacks, and unlock new revenue opportunities


Intuitive one page CRM to get a complete visual overview of your sales funnel – from the first “hello” to signing the contract.

Sales funnel management

Prospect status in a glance, complete view of the lead profile, the business potential, and the history of all past and future interactions.

Email integration & task management

Send / receive emails, setup tasks and reminders and get a timeline of all client conversations.

Integrated product catalog

Import products/services from your PSA or spreadsheets. Create custom bundles/pricing plans and add directly to the quote.

Sales Documents

Create & send documents packed with powerful digital features that let you outclass your competition, personalize client relationship and consistently win more business.

Documents as microsites with live chat

Documents sent as personalized, interactive links to track interaction, live chat for active engagement and negotiations and real-time revision based on client ask so you don't have to re-send

Rich template library

Use our built-in templates, create with our drag & drop builder or import your existing templates and get going

Distributor integrations

Get access to product catalog, images and description across multiple distributors in one place and pull it directly into your proposal

Digital Signatures

With a one-click eSignature, boost your sales effectiveness by making it easier for your prospects to sign!

Mobile friendly

Your customer can easily sign from anywhere, on any device and send back the document without having to print, scan, or fax anything.

Acceptance workflow and countersign

Insert signature fields anywhere, track exactly when your customer opens, reads, and signs your sales documents!

Secure & legally binding

ISO 27001 certification &Compliant with the ESIGN Act, eIDAS and recognized globally.

Insights & Analytics

Stop losing invaluable sales data. Get deep insights into what’s making your business tick and course correct accordingly.

Realtime notifications

Complete view of the lead profile, the business potential, and the history of all past and future interactions.

Automatic reminders

Set expiry dates to documents and automatically send reminders to your clients to remind them to approve your proposals.

Sales reports

Detailed reports from client buying patterns to how you are performing at each stage of the sales journey