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Experience a complete visual overview of your sales funnel, understand your income flow at a glance.

Sales Automation

Create dynamic checklists. Assign & automate tasks. Auto-populate checklists. Manage recurring workflows. Track progress.

Email Integration

Visibility & accountability of all your sales activity. Track calls, emails, contact history and collaborate with your team.

Activities & Task Management

Create action-oriented tasks, track all the activities & get notified when tasks are done. Schedule meetings & add to calendar.

 Two-factor Authentication

Enhance login security with two-factor authentication. An additional layer of security on top of your passwords.

Customizable Stages

Sync your email account, create tasks and reminders, so always remember the stage you are in with each opportunity.

Drag & Drop Opportunities

Visualize your opportunities & move them around based on priority. Automatically get cues for opportunities where action is due.

Proposal builder

Create & send quotes, proposals, contracts or any sales document with simple yet powerful features to consistently win more business.

Proposals as Microsites

Proposals are sent as personalized, interactive links. Real-time document revision as per your clients. Live chat for engagement & negotiations.

Rich Template Library

Import your templates or pick from our template library.  Create proposals with our drag & drop builder & customize it as per your needs.

Merge Tags for Personalization

Personalize your documents without editing for every opportunity. Make use of custom field data, create your own fields and add them in your templates.

Document Expiry & Reminders

Set expiry dates for your proposals & contracts. Set automated follow-up reminders for your clients when they haven’t signed the documents.

Management & Personalization

Track, format, negotiate, up-sell & cross-sell with your prospects. Add customized videos to your proposals for increased engagement. 

Distributor Integrations

Import or create products and services from your PSA or spreadsheets. Create custom bundles/pricing plans and add them directly to the quote.

Digital signatures

With a one-click eSignature, boost your sales effectiveness by making it easier for your prospects to sign!

Acceptance Workflow

Create single instances, multi-stage or sequential approval. Insert signature fields & track when a prospect opens, reads & signs the sales documents.

Secure & Legally Binding

The digital signature process is ISO 27001 certified & compliant with the ESIGN Act, eIDAS and recognized globally.

Multiple Signatures

Add multiple recipients & pick who should be the signatories. When the document is fully executed, everyone gets a copy delivered to their inbox.


Get notified as signatories change hands and as the document becomes available for signature in the sequential flow.

Faster with eSignatures

Boost your sales effectiveness by giving your customers the flexibility to sign. Shorten your sales cycle and streamline every deal.

Sign from Anywhere

Multiple signatures from multiple signees, signatures from unknown signees, with both signatures and initials.

Insights & analytics

Stop losing invaluable sales data. Get deep insights into what’s making your business succeed and course correct accordingly.

Real-time Reminders & Alerts

Built-in real-time notifications across the platform to keep you on top of things so no deal slips through the cracks.

Sales Reports

Out-of-the-box customizable reports & dashboards. Custom fields & filters will let you quickly customize the reports for use.

Custom Views

Ability to see sales progress across all team members either as a group or an individual. Maintain & track the entire sales & conversion cycle.