Automate Billing and Plug Revenue Leakage with Zomentum

Streamline your billing process while automatically synchronizing your vendor licensing information to your PSA. Zomentum prevents revenue leakage by enabling seamless invoice reconciliation and providing all-around visibility into pricing and billing.

No More Stressful Billing Reconciliation

Map All Your Licenses From the Right Sources

Poor vendor license management can lead to underutilization of licenses, resulting in revenue loss. Automating the invoice reconciliation process saves time and reduces the workload associated with managing invoices and payments. All your license information are mapped from the right sources so you’re billing for what you’ve sold – no more and no less.

Streamline Revenue Workflows

A lack of integration between your technology stack can lead to gaps in data sync and thwart revenue prediction. Zomentum is well integrated with your other tools, such as CRMs, accounting systems, PSAs, and marketing automation solutions, to track all your licenses, reduce data entry errors, and improve invoice and billing accuracy.

Integrate With Accounting Systems & Get Timely Reminders

Streamline the process of reconciling invoices with financial records, as the system can automatically update accounting records when payments are received. Also, reduce the number of unpaid invoices by sending automated reminders to customers when their payments are overdue.

Simplify Microsoft NCE Complexity

Migrating to New Commerce Experience (NCE) means adapting to a different subscription model and new licensing cost calculations. Zomentum integration for Microsoft NCE automatically manages the complexities of transitioning to Microsoft NCE license costs and calculations. Zomentum also factors NCE’s different subscription levels, including monthly, annual, and tri-annual plans and combinations thereof.

Reduce Manual Invoice Errors, Achieve Accurate Bills, and Increase Revenue

Link Multiple Vendors to a Single Contract

Bill all services for a single client using a single contract in the PSA and a single invoice at the end of the month.

Connect With Any Vendor

Import the CSV or Excel file you receive from your vendors with licensing information and our generic import engine sync these to your contracts.

Get Margin-saving Reports

Alerts from Zomentum tell you when a product is not billed, or a tenant is not connected to a contract.

Optimize Azure Cloud Consumptions

Send us your monthly Azure consumption data, and we'll charge it to the customer for you - saving you time and money!

Why Zomentum
Plug Revenue Leakage

Once you connect your vendors with Zomentum, most of the licenses are mapped between the vendor and your PSA. You also get instant alerts on products that aren’t billed or when an end client isn’t connected to a contract. Zomentum puts you in control with all-around visibility into your licensing and billing, helping you prevent lost revenue.

Modify Particular Licenses

Zomentum gives you the flexibility to do some overrides. Make licenses free for your clients and even provide services as a bundle. Also, create a custom plan for every customer based on what is laid out in need of your work. Further, build a contract over data contracts or combine contracts as we manage multiple vendors.

Maximize Profits

Zomentum helps partners reduce human errors, save valuable time and increase profitability. Our partners have saved an estimated two days per month on payment reconciliation and data entry while potentially increasing revenue by 25 percent by closing unbilled licenses.

We Have Been Recognised by the Industry for Our Partner-first Approach
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Automate Tedious Sales Tasks

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Automate Vendor License Reconciliation and Billing to Increase Cashflow

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