Cove Data Protection


Cove Data Protections + Zomentum help MSPs to effectively manage their billing processes, and ensure accurate invoicing and financial reporting.

About Company

CloudAlly is a leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution that provides businesses with comprehensive data protection for their cloud-based applications. With CloudAlly, businesses can easily back up their critical cloud data, including emails, calendars, contacts, files, and other application data, to secure and encrypted cloud storage.

About Integration

CloudAlly and Zomentum integration provide MSPs with seamless data protection and backup capabilities, alongside streamlined sales proposal creation and management. MSPs can easily offer backup and recovery services to their clients from one platform, while also accelerating their sales process with Zomentum's features. The integration enables MSPs to deliver robust and reliable cloud backup solutions and proposals with just a few clicks.

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Key Benefits
Revolutionize Cloud Backup Management

Effortlessly manage backup and recovery processes across multiple cloud platforms.

Simplify MSP Workflow

Streamline your MSP workflow with an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage cloud backups with ease.

Ensure Data Security & Compliance

Keep your customers' data secure by leveraging the powerful backup and recovery capabilities.

Why Zomentum +
Cove Data Protection

Backup and recovery made easy with Zomentum + CloudAlly integration. Ensure data protection and secure backup for your business with this powerful combination. Simplify your MSP's sales and data management operations with Zomentum + CloudAlly integration.

How to integrate

Cove Data Protection

with Zomentum?

Learn how to connect

Cove Data Protection

with Zomentum.

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