LastPass MSP


By using LastPass Integration, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can get complete visibility & control over every customer access point.

About Company

LastPass MSP is a leading password management solution designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It offers a comprehensive platform that enables MSPs to efficiently manage and secure passwords for multiple clients from a centralized dashboard. With features such as password generation, storage, sharing, and auditing, LastPass MSP provides robust password management to enhance cybersecurity for MSPs.

About Integration

Integrating LastPass MSP with Zomentum allows MSPs to easily sync license information and update contracts in Zomentum Connect, ensuring accurate billing and no missed opportunities.

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Key Benefits
Efficient License Management

Automate the syncing of license information from LastPass MSP to Zomentum Connect, ensuring accurate and up-to-date contracts.

Increased Revenue Generation

Seamlessly manage customers' accounts through LastPass MSP while generating incremental revenue for your company.

Streamlined Operations

With the integrated single sign-on and password management solution, MSPs can gain visibility and control over every access point of their customers' business.

Why Zomentum +
LastPass MSP

Zomentum + LastPass MSP integration ensures seamless syncing of license information and contract updates, providing MSPs with a comprehensive solution for managing customer accounts.

How to integrate

LastPass MSP

with Zomentum?

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LastPass MSP

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