LastPass MSP


By using LastPass Integration, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can get complete visibility & control over every customer access point.

About Company

LastPass MSP is a leading password management solution designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It offers a comprehensive platform that enables MSPs to efficiently manage and secure passwords for multiple clients from a centralized dashboard. With features such as password generation, storage, sharing, and auditing, LastPass MSP provides robust password management to enhance cybersecurity for MSPs.

About Integration

Integrating LastPass MSP with Zomentum allows MSPs to provide their clients with a comprehensive and secure password management solution. This integration enables MSPs to easily generate custom quotes for LastPass MSP services and streamline the billing process.

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Key Benefits
Boost Sales Efficiency

Streamline your sales process for faster conversions and lets you manage security needs, efficiently.

Security-First Sales Approach

Protect your business and create customized proposals & quotes from one place.

Unmatched Automation

With Zomentum + Webroot, automate sales and security tasks to free up more time for growing your business.

Why Zomentum +
LastPass MSP

Securely manage passwords, user identities, and access to your MSP's systems with the power of LastPass MSP + Zomentum integration. Simplify your sales process, accelerate deals, and close more business with ease.

How to integrate

LastPass MSP

with Zomentum?

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LastPass MSP

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