Forget about Exchange and SharePoint: How to TRULY adopt Microsoft 365

Making things simpler for Microsoft Partners - one tool for all processes

Wednesday, 7 December 2022
10:00 AM PDT | 6:00 PM BST

Our Industry Experts

Ben Spector
Product Manager, Zomentum
Scott Riley
Founder, Cloud Nexus

In an ever-changing market, businesses continue to spend billions of dollars on additional antivirus and risk assessment solutions. Albeit, these solutions come with their own complications. Is there a need for third-party solutions? How can you protect your revenue and profit margin while providing Microsoft configurations to your clients?

Join us to answer these questions, plus more insight on how to TRULY adopt Microsoft 365

Tune in to discover:

Are newer Microsoft solutions advanced enough to replace the third-party solutions?

Microsoft 365 implementations you may be unaware of

How to protect your profits when replacing high-margin, third-party SaaS with low-margin, Microsoft 365 tools

The best sales practice for protecting your revenue from stripping, packaging or bundling?