Automate License Reconciliation for the Microsoft NCE program for free with Zomentum. 

Maximize your profits with automated, error-free invoicing by reconciling all Microsoft product licenses with vendors and PSA, irrespective of the program.

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Identify security issues in a few clicks and create a proposal based on the results.

Tailor your proposal to the client and highlight why they need your services.

Identify the security issues to base your proposal on.

Run assessments for existing clients to identify upsell opportunities.

The Only Security Audit Tool You Need to Assess Microsoft 365 for Sales

Streamlined and Uncomplicated Assessment for Sales

Identify existing weaknesses in your clients’ Microsoft 365 configuration during your sales cycle.

Zomentum’s Advantage

Zomentum eliminates the hitch of mapping the Microsoft 365 and Azure products to different services based on term duration by automating license reconciliation with the Microsoft portal to link and update correct contracts and licenses for error-free, timely billing!

In addition, Zomentum also manages license consumption and billing for Azure and VoIP plans.

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Autotask or any other PSA, we have got you covered! Package your own tools, products, and services, and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill with your preferred PSA workflow!

Create Consolidated Invoices by Tracking Licence Consumption

Track changes to your Microsoft product license for all your customers to automatically update, create contracts and consolidate invoices.

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"My proposal for one laptop goes from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client can change the quantity of the items ordered in the same proposal."

Steve Dempsey, Principal
Neotech Networks LLC
Image of Steve Dempsey, Principal Neo tech LLC
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"Zomentum replaces multiple products with a single, fully integrated solution that solves many challenges encountered with other platforms."

Robert Picard, VP & COO
Demand ITS Inc
Image of Steve Dempsey, Principal Neo tech LLC
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"Zomentum has helped us track quotes from customers without having to send PDF attached to our e-mails and manually sign them."

Santiago Susbielles, Finance Controller
CIO Landing
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