Presentation vs. Proposal Software: Which Is Better For Your Sales Proposals?

Before we start, let’s give you a tiny disclaimer: the presentation software that we would talk about in this post is PowerPoint. 

Wondering why we are comparing two software that does the same work? Or are you thinking of the antique chicken-egg question: which came first, the presentation or the proposal? 

On the surface, both the software differ from each other, however, how people use them is more similar than you might think. Millions of people around the world have used PowerPoint, and its exceptional capabilities to create presentations to pitch their products and services to prospects for over two decades now. While PowerPoint’s primary feature has always been the visual presentations of any kind, proposal software is more niche in its approach catering to creating well-designed proposals that are specifically used to pitch a product or service to a customer. 

Having said that, both powerpoint and proposal software like Zomentum can be powerful tools that can help you speed up your sales process. But it's not usually clear if you need a proposal tool or would powerpoint do the trick?

In this post, we will try to help you make this decision, 


Let's start with the basics, what is PowerPoint?

Introduced in the 1990s as Presenter, PowerPoint has over 500 million customers, including yourself! 


Obviously, its biggest strength is its brand presence in the market for decades now. I am sure if you look around, you may find at least 50% of the MSPs using PowerPoint! And also to not ignore the integration of PowerPoint apps in Microsoft Office subscription makes life a lot easier if you are windows or office users. 


Customization. PowerPoint has so many templates available that every presentation made in an organization looks similar. Now, if you wish to beautify your presentation out of the templates listed, you may just look outdated, or out of track. 

User experience

While PowerPoint presentations give the ultimate pleasure of visual narrative, it also eases the process with pre-formatted templates and the ability to convert .ppt files to PDF. 

On the flip-side, users find it difficult to collaborate internally. When they access the file through a shared folder, the results are that the presentation just gets disorganized. Even storing a file that is huge is negative! You can do wonders with presentations, but for large sales documents or quotes, you need to close the deal separately. 

Client experience

While an on spot presentation works beautifully with PowerPoint, the same when sent as an email attachment might be a problem. Either the file size exceeds or the email lands into the spam folders. 

This entire experience forces organizations to not opt for PowerPoint while sending sales documents or quotes, thus, making amendments to their choices of sending documents separately. 

Support and training

Well, Microsoft is an efficient organization with proper functioning, support, and training. So while I say that PowerPoint is integrated with Microsoft Office, you know that you’re in safe hands. There are not just one or two ways to learn to use PowerPoint, in fact, there are many such ways using which you could enlighten yourself: YouTube videos, peer-to-peer groups, forums, open-source platforms, etc. 


PowerPoint integrates easily with Microsoft applications, visual-based applications, and software. 

Reporting and tracking

Sad. None. Once the document is ready and sent over, you have no control over it. Neither can you check if the prospect has ever opened it, or viewed it, or how much time they might have spent reading it. Absolutely none!


Well, most of us believe that PowerPoint does not come as a standalone downloadable application and is bundled with Microsoft Office package. However, a basic package with PowerPoint is available at $6 per user/month. 

Proposal software

Basics again, what is a proposal software?

The latest trend to create interactive proposals for sending sales quotes is proposal management software. The proposal software industry is estimated to be more than double between 2019 and 2024. And we would love to give you a bird's-eye view of our proposal management software, Zomentum, that has already made it’s mark in the industry beautifully!

Hold tight and buck up! Let’s begin,


Proposal management software has many strengths or flexibilities that you can enjoy, 

  • Create a proposal from the scratch or use an already existing template
  • Present the proposal to your peers or prospects
  • Customize the proposal as per your prospects
  • Track the proposal right after you hit ‘send’
  • Leverage your prospects to electronically sign the proposal
  • Collect payments from the same tool and interface

To add up to the strengths, proposals sent using Zomentum use a dedicated link that doesn’t get caught in the spam folder. Also, the internal workflow becomes effective and the end result looks impressive. 


Well, unlike PowerPoint there aren’t many flashy animations available between the slides. Of course, you can personalize the proposal and beautify it, but adding more features mean broadening the learning curve. While proposal software is created to simplify the task of sending sales documents and quotes, adding another layer for the MSPs or the sales teams would just ramp-up the process and consume time. 

User experience

Proposal software like Zomentum helps to make your workflows efficient and collaborate faster. You get an organized content library to create high volume proposal presentations quickly that are easy to customize and send. 

If you wish to do something different with Zomentum, then just drag and drop our image and video block that lets you create proposals differently. Not just you shorten your proposal, you make it interactive for your readers and prospects. 

With Zomentum you experience the strength of the proposal software in its online version in the presentation mode, however, you always have the benefit to download a PDF format of your proposal as a printed version, if required. 

To frame a proposal that’s effective and will interest your prospects, read our blog What Is A Business Proposal Software And How To Structure A Proposal?

User Experience with Zomentum's Proposal Builder

Client experience

Proposal software comes with easy to access interactive features like adding price tables, giving options to choose the desired pricing for the prospects, auto email reminders, multiple recipients, and signees. While these are some magic tricks you could perform on your proposal, you can also leverage your prospects to comment and communicate with you while they are reading the proposal, and e-sign the proposal if they like it!

Client Experience with Zomentum's Proposal Builder

Support and training 

Support is our key! And understanding the fact of how time-sensitive proposal creation is, we provide dedicated proposal support. 

We are everywhere for your assistance, on calls, emails, chat, phone, and social media. For any help in using Zomentum, just get into any convenient platform of contact and we will be there!


Proposal software is known for its integrations and the flexibility it provides for the creation, sending, and monitoring of your proposals and closing a deal. 

Zomentum supports more than 10 integrations, including GMail, Outlook, Ingram Micro, Etilize, and Zapier for extra integrations to streamline your sales workflow and to stay on top of your deals. 

Reporting and tracking

Proposal software is of no use if it does not enable you to track the proposals. And we leverage you with our metrics and analytics section to track the prospect’s interaction with the proposal, something which a .ppt file can never do!

Zomentum provides you with metrics and notifications from data points like when was the proposal opened by the prospect, how many times they viewed it, which pages they spent the most time on, etc. 

We at Zomentum, strongly believe in empowering our MSPs with proposal software metrics that can help you track annual contract value (ACV) and understand the deal stages of your sales cycle. 


Our current pricing plan stands at $99/MSP upto 2 users billed monthly. And the factors that influence the price of our sales software are,

  • Features and integrations
  • Onboarding and training
  • Templates and asset setup
  • Support 

To get a better understanding of our pricing module, check out our page that has been exclusively built to enlighten you of the cost. 

Key takeaways  

Well, even after glorifying this great software, if you still wish to continue using Microsoft software, then it’s up to you. 

We understand that comfort matters, and if you feel that a PowerPoint presentation is effective for you over a proposal software, then we get it! However, if you wish to streamline your sales process and enhance your sales workflow with an all-in-one tool, then get a Zomentum demo. You can learn about our awesome offerings and the time you will save with our sales software.