What's new in Zomentum? - June 2020

See activities in the pipeline view

Now you can see all the activities assigned to you and edit them directly from your opportunities section's pipeline view. That means you no longer need to go into each opportunity page to make edits or update your tasks & meetings, saving time and making it simpler for the sales team to manage their activities.

How does it help?

All your opportunities and activities visible at the same plece mean, less time navigating between sections to make sure all activities have been completed. I.e.

  1. Faster sales process with minimum navigation 
  2. Easy prioritisation with simplified visibility of tasks
  3. Better and cleaner data 

Export Product from Zomentum 

Need to update your PSA, but do not want to use an integration?

The latest update to Zomentum's integration and export capabilities would allow you to update your 3rd party systems by downloading all the products(live), clients, contacts and opportunities(coming soon) into a CSV  and uploading it into your PSA, making sure both Zomentum and your PSA remain in-sync.

How does it help?

Not all PSA’s and 3d party tools have the ability to integrate with a sales platform like Zomentum (though our Zapier integration makes that really hard). In such cases an export capability makes sure that

  1. All tools including Zomentum are sync with each other
  2. Negates the need for custom integration
  3. Keeps billing and customer payments in check 

See all past activities for every entity 

Any activities and changes made to your opportunity and clients were always tracked, now Zomentum also allows you to view these activities for each of the entities within your Zomentum account. That is, now you can view the changes made to opportunities and clients in their respective sections from within your Zomentum account.

How does it help?

A historic view of entity wise activities allows you to keep track of changes (authorized or unauthorized) that might have been made to the data present in your Zomentum account. 

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