Looking for a way to create more proposals in less time and to improve his sales productivity. Steve turned to Zomentum—to help him close more deals and grow faster.

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Meet Steve, a helpful Zomentum enthusiast. Steve Dempsey is the Principal of NeoTech Networking LLC. He’s been with Zomentum as a partner for four months. As an active member of ‘The Tech Tribe’ – he frequently shares the wealth of his knowledge about Zomentum in their member forum.

“All you have to do is use a little imagination and you can upsell them without trying really hard”

- Steve Dempsey, Principal - NeoTech Networking LLC


To find a solution that saves Time and Improves Productivity
As a fast-growing MSP, Steve wanted a quoting tool that allowed him to build repeatable proposals and quotes easily without all the manual work and also allow him to integrate with Autotask and Quickbooks. Finding a tool that matched these specifications was integral to his productivity. He wanted a solution that helped him save time.


Creating proposals without templates was time consuming.
Before Zomentum, Steve had been using Microsoft Word templates for all of his quotes and proposals. Creating a simple quote was time consuming, and he wanted a more efficient way to build quotes and proposals and easily repeat them instead of building from scratch every time.

It was hard to use Quoting software without PSA integration.
After trying multiple Quoting tools for about a month, Steve found it frustrating that they didn't support his wanted integrations.


Zomentum fits the BILL.
Having an explicit requirement of what’s needed, Steve quickly realized that he needed a tool with Autotask integration that allowed him to bill his customers from one place. Zomentum was the perfect fit that satisfied all his requirements.

“Using Zomentum, If a customer sends a quote for one laptop, I do have the ability to easily include those optional add on items and bump my sales from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client has the ability to change the quantity of the items ordered. This helps my customers easily add  items [monitors, docking stations and wireless combos] to the quote on their own”.

- Steve Dempsey, Principal - NeoTech Networking LLC


Improved sales workflow 
Zomentum helped Steve improve his sales workflow and unlock the complete potential of his PSA for years.

Seamless data synchronization 
With seamless connectivity between Zomentum and Autotask, NeoTech was able to get their quotes signed faster. They no longer struggled with deal follow-ups and benefited by canceling subscriptions to other tools they don't need.


  • Upselling through optional quotes.
  • Autotask Integration
  • Seamless data flow