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Easy to create professional sales assessments.
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Predefined templates to create assessment reports

Use predefined templates to generate assessment reports and assessments for similar IT setup. Gauge network maintenance efforts based on fault severity and likelihood. Pick and choose from a wide range of ready-made report templates that cover all the standard sales assessment findings.

Easy to consume analysis

Easy diagnostics

Gather complete risk diagnostics based on significant issues in multiple categories such as disaster management, telecommunication, managed services, infrastructure, and security. Highlight common issues that contribute towards network vulnerability and highlight recommendations to tackle them.

Risk Matrix

Sort all the issues into low risk, high risk, or medium risk highlighted by a risk matrix. With lower severity and likelihood faults having lower risk and higher likelihood issues having a greater risk.

Risk score

Calculate a risk score of every network based on the risk matrix and represent the risk in a way your clients will understand and track.

Use assessments to Build a proposal

Create thorough sales assessments using results and build a proposal that clearly outlines network health and your recommendations against every issue. Convince clients on how you can help them find a cost-effective solution with your services. Establish trust and professionalism with thorough IT assessments

Win deals with compelling arguments

Formulate a compelling sales argument for your clients to avail of your services. Clearly outline your recommendation against every high risk and high likelihood event and convince your clients of your capability to help their businesses succeed at all times. Pitch your offerings effectively and win deals.

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