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Zomentum PRM Software for SaaS Vendors

Zomentum is more than a PRM. A complete Channel Partner Management Solution, we are purpose built to ensure revenue growth from partners.
Turn partner-led sales into a major growth channel by integrating partner GTM motion into your existing sales motion.
Scale Your Partner Program With Zomentum
You become a Preferred Vendor

Zomentum has 4,000+ active GTM partners and 100+ SaaS vendors from across the globe. While co-selling with your partners, they can book revenue and get paid on time, making you the vendor of choice.

Power of a well-connected tech stack

Zomentum has 50+ well-functioning and relevant integrations, providing a single, authentic source of truth to align teams, eliminate conflicts and drive revenue predictability.

Automatic Payouts and Reconciliation

Zomentum integrates with accounting software on both the partner and vendor side and takes care of partner payouts and license and billing reconciliation.

Grow Your Partnerships Into a Major Acquisition Channel with Zomentum
Gain Pipeline Visibility and Co-sell With Partners

Get full visibility into your partners’ pipeline to make data-driven decisions while scaling your partner program

Collaborate on opportunities and quotes with partners to build demand, contextually offer sales enablement, share deals and provide a solution for end-customer needs.

See real-time quoting behaviors to forecast partner sales more accurately. Share and manage leads to boost pipeline efficiency.

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Gain Pipeline Visibility and Co-sell With Partners
Revenue Predictability with Partner Deal Registration

Partner Deals are shared with you at every step so you know how much is converted.

Get clear visibility over lead origination, assignment, and activities, synced both to your and your partners' CRM.

Pinpoint when and where deals are coming from. Plan accordingly and give partners the resources to close deals right where they need them.

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Revenue Predictability with Partner Deal Registration
Billing reconciliation

Streamline your billing process while automatically synchronizing your customer licensing information to your PSA. Zomentum prevents revenue leakage by providing all-around visibility into pricing and billing.

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Manage and automate sales

Ensure timely follow-ups and responses with automated email triggers and design customized workflows to save time on administrative tasks.

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Billing Automation and Reconciliation
Billing Automation and Reconciliation

Provide all-around visibility into pricing and billing with proper connectors to partners' systems such as PSA, ERPs and accounting software.

With well-functioning and up-to-date integrations, become the preferred vendor in the partner community and free your internal engineering bandwidth.

Enable timely partner payouts and license and billing reconciliation.

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Great product with great ambitions

Image of Steve Dempsey, Principal Neo tech LLC
Left Double Quotation Mark

After a long search for a sales automation & quoting solution, after a Zomentum Grow demo we were quickly impressed with its simplicity, feature set and integrations with critical MSP services, such as Etilize, distributors and PSAs.We have converted a fairly manual, rigid, labour intensive process to one that is far more streamlined, automated and significantly easier to onboard (and retain) employees onto.

Harry Boyne, Co-Founder & Technical Director

Zomentum made us more efficient and professional

Image of Steve Dempsey, Principal Neo tech LLC
Left Double Quotation Mark

The speed my staff and I can generate proposals and quotes. The ability to have the client adjust them to suit their requirements. The fact we can make great looking and professional proposals.The integration to our PSA (Autotask) is nice and allows us to ensure we end up billing exactly what we have quoted. We can also create videos to talk through the more complex proposals and integrate them into the actual proposal too.

David Nicholls, Managing Director

Quote value went from $1000 to over $6200

Image of Steve Dempsey, Principal Neo tech LLC
Left Double Quotation Mark

While using Zomentum, I have the ability to send a customer quote for one laptop and my proposal goes from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client has the ability to change the quantity of the items ordered. It also allows our clients to add or upsell items such as monitors, docking stations and wireless combos on their own.

Steve Dempsey, Principal
Neo tech LLC

Solves so many challenges encountered with other MSP platforms

Image of Robert Picard VP & COO Demand ITS Inc

The document template makes our sales proposals a more modern experience with embedded videos and multi-stakeholder digital signatures with a customizable sales pipeline system. Zomentum replaces multiple products with a single, fully integrated solution that solves many of the challenges we encountered with other platforms.

Robert Picard, VP & COO
Demand ITS Inc

Easy to create proposals that previously took a ton of time

Headshot of Joaquin J Hernandez Empowered IT Solutions

Zomentum makes it so quick and easy to create proposals that previously took a ton of time. The option of having my document templates built into the Zomentum platform or using pre-built global templates makes producing quotes for any service or hardware pretty straightforward. In addition, the platform’s inbuilt Etilize integration has made it a breeze to search and choose services or hardware with a specific distributor.

Joaquin J Hernandez
Empowered IT Solutions
We Have Been Recognised by the Industry for Our Partner-first Approach


Why do I need a PRM?

If you are expanding your business to start selling via channel partners, you need a PRM. Think of PRM as a gated portal solely dedicated to serving your channel partners. PRM helps SaaS vendors connect and automate all the pieces of their partner management process within one tool. It is like a CRM, but for managing your channel partners.

I already have a CRM, do I still need a PRM?

A CRM is good to keep track of your clients. When you expand to include indirect selling through channel partners, your CRM is likely to fall short in helping you understand and support them—and rightfully so. 

Managing your partners requires the ability to manage a different set of objectives that only a partner relationship management (PRM) solution can deliver on. With PRM, you 

  • Get visibility into the entire partner sales cycle which is not possible in a CRM
  • Keep partners up-to-date on product changes, new marketing and sales collateral and automate renewals and contract expirations. 
  • Set up commissions and bonuses based on partner performance

How many partners should I have to start using a PRM?

Any number of partners are good. But we recommend having atleast 11-50 partners if you want to invest in a PRM

What is Zomentum PRM Pricing?

Zomentum offers a free PRM for vendors with <10 partners in their partner program. Our standard version is for established vendors looking to scale their Partner Program. You can request a demo to know the customized pricing.

Is my data safe?

We have implemented measures to maintain the ongoing confidentiality, integrity and availability of the systems and services that process personal data and strictly adhere to guidelines as applicable in the geographies we operate in.

Drive Partner Growth and Boost Channel Revenue

Optimizing technology sales is at the heart of all we do. Try the fully integrated suite of products built ground up to make partners drive more revenue growth.