How Chalkline brought their Quoting Process down from 15 minutes to 3 minutes with Zomentum

Before Zomentum, Chalkline was creating each quote manually and waiting for ages to get them approved. They wanted a quoting tool that could automate everything for them.

About Company

Chalkline Solutions is one of London’s leading IT managed service providers and Microsoft cloud solution providers. Based out of London, England, Chalkline has 25 employees and provides successful, cutting-edge service solutions to leading UK-based & global organizations in the private sector. Harry Boyne is the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Chalkline with over 11 years of experience in IT SMB sales.

The Challenge

Before Zomentum, Chalkline was using the Connectwise stack as their PSA but creating their quotes manually. As a result, their quote building process was long, and approvals also took ages - sending multiple emails and getting on phone calls to go over details with customers.

For years they searched for an alternative, wanting to introduce automation into their long, repetitive process. Harry and the team considered a legacy quoting tool but realized it was too expensive and almost a dinosaur to maintain. They even got to the point where they were going to develop a quoting tool themselves!

The Solution

Chalkline’s Technical Director, Harry found Zomentum while looking for a QBR tool in the market. Once in the demo, he understood the platform’s entire breadth, particularly the ease of quoting, which really piqued his interest. 

Harry chose Zomentum because the platform matched his vision for business growth. He saw the ability to expand his business building it around the platform - from a quicker and easier quoting process to QBRs to upsells as he builds Chalkline’s product portfolio. Having tried maintaining multiple different tools with their integrations, he was also impressed by the platform’s ‘all-in-one’ aspect, which allowed him to pursue opportunities, send and approve quotes, and set QBRs in one location.

The Results

With Zomentum, Chalkline was able to:

• Build a Streamlined Sales Process

Zomentum helped Chalkline improve its sales workflow and unlock the full potential of its opportunities. According to Harry, “Our sales approach has always been quite complicated, which I think is quite normal for an MSP. With Zomentum, everything we're now doing is simpler, even when I'm bringing in new contracts. It's made a big difference. It's streamlining our sales quite well.

Even Chalkline’s clients have shown a positive reaction. “It was easy for our customers to learn, making updates to quotes themselves - and because they can be shared via the link - making it easy for purchases by committee. i.e., ‘Hey, can you sign this and place the order.’”

Both the Chalkline team and Chalkline clients are enjoying the Zomentum platform.

• Create Documents 3x Faster

The preparation time for quotes has significantly improved from over 15 minutes down to just three minutes. In addition, with Zomentum’s ready-to-use templates, Chalkline sent proposals, contracts, and agreements without delays or hiccups.

• Improve the Time to Value for their Staff

Before using Zomentum, Chalkline’s team wouldn’t let a new sales rep create quotes unless they had been with the company for six months! But, with Zomentum’s easy-to-use and intuitive platform, Chalkline realized that they could “take someone who doesn’t even know how to use a computer and have them create quotes instantly.”

• Plan to Amplify their Revenue

Chalkline is about to launch its next-gen security bundle and needs a solution that can quickly - quote, action, invoice, order, and assess their suite of products to complete a successful sales cycle. Harry is pretty confident that they can use the Zomentum platform for speeding up the entire sales process.

"Our preparation time for quotes has gone from 15 to 3 minutes, and the reception from clients has been very positive. They easily worked out how to change the quote themselves, and they're sending links between each other to easily update, sign, and buy. It's so simple." - Harry Boyne, Co-Founder & Technical Director at Chalkline Solutions.

Most used features

IT Quote Builder to create, send, and approve quotes easily