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​​Why Sending Thank You Emails Isn't Enough: Keeping Track of and Working Sales Opportunities

Stuart Warwick
MSP specific business coach, creator of the Scale With Confidence Model and founder of the MSP Mastery programme.
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Paranoid or Protective? De-Risking Your Clients - Cybersecurity for Partners

Al Alper
Founder & CEO - CyberGuard360
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Retargeting Prospects and Gaining Customers with Smart Campaigns

Scott Millar
Chief Marketing Geek - IT Rockstars
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Sales Approaches - Consultative Strategy or Packaged Process?

Nate Freedman
CEO - Tech Pro Marketing
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Making the Shift to Strategic Business Consultant: How Growing Your Customer’s Business, Grows Your MSP

Andrew Moon
Host/Owner - Orange Nomad
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Time to Level Up: Building Your First Sales Team

Jamie Williams
Sales and Marketing Specialist - YourSalesEnergy.com
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How to Speed up Your Sales Process and Win More Deals

Shannon Murphy
Chief Marketer at Zomentum
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Zomentum 2021 Product Updates: Accelerate MSP Sales and Revenue

Ben Spector
Product Manager, Zomentum
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The Ultimate MSP Sales Process Blueprint: Automation for the Win

Amelia Paro
Channel Development Manager, IDA
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Learn To Effectively Use Your PSA For Profitability - The Complete Webinar

Chris Timm
CEO, Sondela Consulting
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How to Build a Robust Security Stack using Layered Point Solutions

Amelia Paro
Channel Development Manager, IDA
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How to Build a Local Marketing Engine for your MSP Business

Matthew Rodela
Co-Founder, Tech Marketing Engine
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How to Leverage “Tip of the Spear” Technologies to Land New Clients

Matt Scully
Channel Chief for Mailprotector
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How Can MSPs Drive Incremental Revenue from their Existing Clients.

Dan Wensely
CEO ScalePad
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MSP Sales Excellence Series

Steve Dempsey
Principal of NeoTech LLC
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Selling By The Numbers

Jay McBain
Principal Analyst of Channels, Partnerships, & Alliances at Forrester Research
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