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An all-in-one solution built for IT channel partners to drive sales motion, create winning proposals, automate repetitive tasks, and grow revenue.
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Seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem.

Bring all your client and sales information into a single tool using Zomentum’s native integration with all popular PSA tools, including BMS Kaseya , Connectwise, and AutoTask.  With extended Zapier support, you can move opportunities to or from any marketing automation or PSA tool that’s a part of your sales ecosystem.
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Close more opportunities

Customize end-to-end lead flow

Visualize and personalize your sales pipeline as per your sales process. Configure your sales pipeline to suit your business needs. Monitor all upcoming, overdue and completed tasks.

Convert opportunities faster

Convert every opportunity with timely action and prevent lead fallout. Assign activities to individual sales reps and track win rate, missed opportunities and more.

Never lose out on your opportunity

Keep track of opportunities at every stage of the funnel and never miss a follow-up across any channel, including e-mails, meetings, or calls. Stay on top of your sales efforts at all times.
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Create winning proposals

Build winning proposals with quick-win templates

Create professional SLAs, documents, and QBR,  in mere minutes, as opposed to days. Save winning documents as templates and win deals faster.

Integrate e-signature for faster approvals

Avoid the back and forth and close sales deals fast. Send proposals as a microsite, gain quick approvals with e-signature, provide clarification in real-time and close deals immediately.

Powerful proposal builder

Leverage a powerful document editor to build detailed and highly customizable quotes. Give your customers the complete liberty to make informed decisions and establish trust.
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Thorough sales assessments

Gather clear assessment details

Gather assessment details based on infrastructure health, fault likelihood, severity, and present a summary to understand the network conditions clearly.

Risk matrix and risk score

Map every diagnostic to a clearly defined risk matrix and assign a clear risk score for every network based on the severity of the issue.

Sales assessments

Present a professional assessment report that clearly outlines the services required to maintain the network and  also explains the costs incurred. Present data professionally with easy to consume reports and move deals faster.
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Automate and grow

Automate recurring activities

Build sales process driven flows to automate repetitive sales activities within your CRM. Save time and speed up the onboarding of your customers.

Configure to suit your business needs

Mimic your internal sales process using Zomentum's highly customizable sales automation tool or create new methods to match your business needs.

Save time and increase sales productivity

Optimize the opportunity to customer conversion time using trigger-based actions including emails, tasks and meeting invites.
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Visualize and take action

Keep track of all key metrics

Visualize all your critical metrics in one single place. Create multiple dashboards that keep track of conversion metrics, opportunity won, and opportunity lost.

Save time and increase sales productivity

Instantly create reports to distill information and gain actionable insights. Create any kind of report specific to your business needs, monitor sales team performance and document conversions.

Make informed business decisions

Find out what works and what doesn’t. Make data-backed decisions to fuel your business growth.
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Built exclusively for the IT channel industry


Manage your opportunities and convert them into income.

Proposal Builder

Create professional proposals that win deals.

Sales Automation

Automate recurring but easily forgettable tasks.

Sales Assessments

Send professional sales assessments.

Reports and Insights

Visualize and gain actionable insights.


Seamlessly integrates with all your favorite tools.

MSP Learning Library

MSP – A Definitive Guide

For a clear understanding of how intelligently your IT services can be improved at reduced costs with the help of an MSP

MSP – Sales

An end to end guide about selling as an MSP, everything from incentive structure to sales process to metrics at one place in an easy to understand format.

MSP - Proposal Builder

Proposal builders help us create intuitive and essential sales documents which speeds up sales and helps you generate more revenue, this guide helps you understand how it works, helps and what it does.

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