Simple, transparent, affordable

At Zomentum, we grasp the notion that every business is one-of-a-kind, with distinctive payment processing requirements that set them apart. When you opt for Zomentum Payments, you're choosing a best-in-class, integrated solution that delivers seamless and cost-effective payment processing and also works with all the other tools you use.

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Chargeback fee: $15
Settlement time: Up to 2 days
ACH Transfer
0.8% + $0.30 per transaction
Chargeback fee: $15
Settlement time: Up to 5 days
*VAT applies to all fee
1.9% + €0.20 per transaction
Chargeback fee: €15
Settlement time: Up to 2 days
BACS Direct Debit
1% + €0.20 per transaction
(capped at €4.00)
Chargeback fee: €15
Settlement time: Up to 5 days
2.9% + £0.20 per transaction
*VAT applies to all fee

Why Choose Us?

Transparent Pricing

We believe in clear and straightforward pricing—no hidden fees or surprises.

Global Reach

Our services are tailored to your market, whether you're based in the USA or the UK.

Quick Settlement

Get your funds faster, with settlement times as short as 2 days.

Low Chargeback Fees

In the unfortunate event of a chargeback, our fees are reasonable and fair.


Can I transfer existing payment mandates from my old system to Zomentum Payments?

No, but the process to onboard customers is very straightforward, and the invitation to set up a new mandate with Zomentum Payments is handled automatically and entirely online. There are no forms to print and sign. You also get a portal for your customers to see all their transacting history with you and add alternative payment methods.

Does Zomentum Payments replace GoCardless?

Yes, Zomentum Payments covers all functionality plus a LOT more, including the ability to collect both ACH/Direct Debit and Credit Card payments on the same integrated platform. You can collect one-time and recurring payments and set fallback methods if the default payment method fails.

Do I need to bring my own payment processor?

No, Zomentum Payments is an end-to-end integrated payment platform with all gateway, integration, and processing facilities under one service. It also integrates with your accounting tool and is PSA agnostic.

Can I use my own payment processor?

No, Zomentum Payments exists to simplify and automate the entire invoice and payment lifecycle. Therefore we provide a turnkey solution with transparent, market-leading processing fees.

Can I use Zomentum Payments if I'm generating invoices using my PSA?

Yes, it doesn't matter how the invoices get into your accounting software; we will handle payment collection for them. A PSA could generate them, created manually, pulled in from a quote won on Zomentum quoting, or using recurring invoices from your PSA or accounting system.

How does the integration with Zomentum Grow work?

By integrating Zomentum Payments with Zomentum Grow (our quoting solution), you can collect any up-front payment and set up the recurring payment mandate during the quote/proposal acceptance process.

To whom do Zomentum Payments cater to?

Zomentum Payments is designed to serve both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other businesses that heavily depend on accounting tools. It allows MSPs to not only use the service themselves but also to offer it to their clients for resale. We also have a revenue-sharing program in place, enabling MSPs to earn a portion of the revenue when they resell Zomentum Payments to their clients. Become an affiliate.