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Know an MSP who needs sales software to maintain & track all the leads & their activities. Refer them to Zomentum, & when they become our client you’ll get a $100 voucher.
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For you

A $100 voucher after they become our full-time customer

For them

Easy-to-use sales software to streamline their process

Here’s how it works?

Step 1

Let other MSPs know about Zomentum by spreading the word on social media or through an email.

Step 2

When someone you refer to signs up for a trial, they get to experience our platform for free.

Step 3

After your referral becomes a Zomentum client you get a $100 worth voucher. No questions asked!

Step 4

And there’s no limit to how many MSPs you refer to. How much you make is your talent!

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Help an MSP say goodbye to excel sheets, manual tasks & backtracking. Earn a $100 voucher in the process. When you refer a friend to Zomentum, you both win.
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