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"Our preparation time for quotes has gone from 15 to 3 minutes, and the reception from clients has been very positive. They easily worked out how to change the quote themselves, and they're sending links between each other to easily update, sign, and buy. It's so simple"

"Zomentum support team is great to work with. Any time I have a problem I reach out to them. They are very responsive and eager to resolve the issue I am having. Keep up the great work."

"While using Zomentum, I have the ability to send a customer quote for one laptop and my proposal goes from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client has the ability to change the quantity of the items ordered."

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“Zomentum makes it so quick and easy to create proposals that previously took a ton of time. The option of having my document templates built into the Zomentum platform or using pre-built global templates makes producing quotes for any service or hardware pretty straightforward. In addition, the platform’s inbuilt Etilize integration has made it a breeze to search and choose services or hardware with a specific distributor.For a rapidly growing company like ours, I am confident that because of how easy and intuitive it is to use Zomentum, my sales team can be easily onboarded and taught to create winning proposals in no time.”

Joaquin J Hernandez,

President at Empowered IT Solutions

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“Using Zomentum, If a customer sends a quote for one laptop, I do have the ability to include those optional add-on items easily and bump my sales from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client can change the quantity of the items ordered. This process helps my customers easily add items [monitors, docking stations, and wireless combos] to the quote on their own.”

Steve Dempsey

Principal, NeoTech.

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"I’m using Zomentum in a truly holistic sense, making the most out of the different platform features. Zomentum has seamlessly integrated with our PSA, streamlining the entire process of creating documents on the fly. I can send customized emails from my domain, and my clients can add their comments in real-time on the quotes (and adjust quantities), which has significantly sped up the approval process.

I can easily segregate my sales pipeline based on different services and quickly filter by opportunity type and sales reps. The reporting feature is robust, and I can quickly pull up reports for what's coming in the next 30, 90, 120 days. I'm also pleased by Zomentum’s helpful and responsive support and onboarding team."

Kevin Hughes

Sales and Business Development Manager
MIS Choice

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“I didn't do any training on Zomentum for anyone. We jumped in a room for 20 minutes, and I said: ‘here's Zomentum, here's how you press the ‘add document’ button - have fun.’ And I did that on purpose, because I didn't believe they needed it.”

Harry Boyne,

Co-Founder and Technical Director, Chalkline

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“The document template makes our sales proposals a more modern experience with embedded videos and multi-stakeholder digital signatures with a customizable sales pipeline system. Zomentum replaces multiple products with a single, fully integrated solution that solves many of the challenges we encountered with other platforms.”

Robert Picard,

Demand ITS Inc


"Zomentum has helped us in tracking quotes from customers without having to send PDF attachments in our e-mails and manually sign them. The support team is very receptive and always takes our suggestions in order to make it a better tool. I hope they continue improving it with more and more integrations to reduce manual entries as much as possible.”

Santiago Susbielles

Finance Controller,
CIO Landing.

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“I like the responsiveness and the ability for the product development team to recognize that the product needs to match the customer needs. I’m impressed by Zomentum’s willingness to update and change the product and make it the best it can be.”

Micheal Leonard

President CompuNet

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