Sales Templates for Partners

Unlock Efficiency and Improve Conversion Rates

Use templates to scale with repeatable processes, while simplifying client and partner communication.

Accelerate Sales and Grow Revenue

Partners can use any of the following templates to streamline client communication and close more deals.

With Templates You Can:

  • Learn the best way to format information in a way your client will understand.
  • Make sure to include vital scope details and fully articulate your business value.
  • Set expectations with clients for every type of engagement with pre-defined pricing structures and product suites
  • Scale quote and proposal creation while maintaining brand consistency.

Realize the Maximum
Potential of Your Proposals

Get started with
preformatted templates.

Expedite deals with
100% customizable quotes.

Send quotes as microsites anywhere,
anytime, and on any device.

Propose integrated upsell
and cross-sell options.

Communicate in real-time and
get instant approvals.

Design content, insert videos,
save blocks, and reuse across accounts.

Go Faster with Zomentum, the Revenue Platform for Partners

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