How CompuNet built a repeatable sales workflow with Zomentum

Before Zomentum, CompuNet did not have a repeatable sales process. They were tired of piecing things together and recreating the wheel each time a new prospect came through the door. CompuNet wanted a platform that could manage the end-to-end sales process from prospect to opportunity, quote, and contract to sale.

About Company

Compunet Technologies specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses in Southern California.

CompuNet Technologies was started in 1997 by President Micheal Leonard as a break/fix provider and later switched to the MSP business in the early 2000s. Michael was always drawn to the “ultra-small” of the small business sector. He primarily focuses on companies with 50 seats or less - what Michael refers to as the “forgotten” market.

Today Compunet centers around managing the networks of small businesses and helping them grow, succeed and maintain their technology. It’s a two-person shop with around 30 customers.

The Challenge

Before Zomentum, CompuNet used multiple tools to manage their sales process – Infusionsoft, Quotewerks, Autotask, DocuSign, and more. They wanted to consolidate the number of products used and wanted the ability to manage the entire sales through a single pane of glass.

CompuNet’s President Micheal found Zomentum through an ASCII event, and our presentation piqued his interest. He got a demo back in September 2020 but needed the ConnectBooster Payment integration for Zomentum to work for him. After demoing the solution again early in 2021, Micheal felt the product had evolved a lot since the last time. He dived right in!

The Solution

CompuNet realized that they were spending a lot of money on multiple business tools to close opportunities. Micheal decided that they would instead put money into a process that he “was going to learn, going to know and going to use.”

After evaluating many vendors, CompuNet chose Zomentum because of the platform’s transparent sales process - assess, design, convert, automate, analyze, and expand- that provided them with a smooth sales workflow and ended up saving them a lot of time.

“I can get quotes out faster, and that can lead to more potential sales because I can be very responsive. For me, it sped up the sales cycle and made it smoother, leading to better first impressions with clients. I look like I have my act together.” - Micheal Leonard.

The Results

With Zomentum, CompuNet was able to:

• Improve their Sales Workflow

Zomentum helped NeoTech improve their sales workflow, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and unlock the full potential of their PSA for years. Zomentum helped CompuNet improve their sales workflow and unlock the full potential of their opportunities.

“I enjoy the process now. Instead of dreading getting a quote together and thinking about all the different things I have to do, it’s now consolidated. Even just the look of the tool puts me at ease. I love the CRM visual flow. I can drag opportunities easily from column to column. I can do most of my sales process through Zomentum. I can stay in Zomentum and not have to go outside it anymore.” - Micheal Leonard.

• Create Documents much faster

With Zomentum’s ready-to-use templates, CompuNet sent proposals, contracts, and agreements without delays or hiccups.

“All the templates I need to send are in the platform, ready to go. As soon as a customer signs a proposal, I can turn around and send them the agreement. That process is really nice and something I didn’t have before.” - Micheal Leonard.

“I like the responsiveness and the ability for the product development team to recognize that the product needs to match the customer needs. I’m impressed by Zomentum’s willingness to update and change the product and make it the best it can be.” - Micheal Leonard, President CompuNet

Most used features

• IT Document Builder to create, send, and approve documents easily

• Sales Funnel Manager to see all clients and opportunities in a single frame