On-demand Webinar

Insights from two MSP Channel Masters: Stories of Growth, Struggle, and Transformation.

Discover the riveting journey of MSP Channel mastery through the compelling stories of growth, struggle, and transformation shared by two industry veterans

Our Industry Experts

Michael E Crean
Cyber Thought Leader & SVP Managed Security Services, SonicWall
Ted Roller
Channel Chief at Zomentum

In this webinar, Ted Roller and Michael E Crean discussed the transition from MSPs to MSSPs, highlighting the evolution of Managed Services over the past decade. Ted, emphasized the importance of simplifying vendor engagement for MSPs.The conversation pinpointed common mistakes of MSPs, like not effectively communicating their operational maturity. Michael stressed the significance of standing firm in one's convictions and not compromising on value propositions. The webinar emphasized the need for MSPs to be selective with clients to ensure business health and growth.

Key takeaways from this webinar: