The MSP’s Guide to Creating Successful Sales Proposals

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MSPs can shorten the sales cycles considerably with quality proposals and effective tools. In fact, a survey by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research found that companies that send proposals experience an average win rate of 47%, while the mean across all industries is a mere 19%. The computer and IT services norm is slightly better than normal at 23% and the use of automation and quality proposals could surely boost that number much higher. The fastest way to move along conversations and help prospective clients visualize potential business relationships is to provide the decision-makers with all the details in an easy-to-read document. A sales proposal essentially provides those prospects with a roadmap of the engagement. That document becomes the baseline for further discussions and negotiations, giving each side a reference point for shifting the scope of work, altering services and support levels, and adjusting the financials.

In this eBook, you can learn how MSPs can leverage industry-specific applications to design and deliver highly successful sales proposals:

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