How Video Adds a Personalized Touch to Your Sales Proposals

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The ultimate goal of every sales activity is to improve your chances of closing the sale. You can no longer rely on pre-written templates to pique your prospects’ interests. Instead, you have to be creative and use customized outreach and engagement activities, such as creating a custom video. And even more so when you are creating an MSP Sales proposal - you know it for a fact, it cannot be boring!

Although personalized videos aren’t new to marketing teams, sales teams lag in adopting them as part of their sales proposal templates. Teams who successfully incorporate videos in their sales processes or work proposal templates greatly benefit from them. Learn how videos can be a valuable asset in your sales proposals and how to make them work for you.

Videos in the Sales Proposal Template

Trust is the foundation of sales. We build that trust and foster long-term relationships through content marketing, which includes written content, social content, webinars, and video creation. The audio and visual aspects of videos are more likely to engage users or prospects, kindling their emotions.

CEOs and key decision-makers seldom have time to read long product descriptions or dig deep into the services described in a sales proposal document or template. Modern buyers want to see a product or business in action, which is a key factor for the growing use of videos in sales and marketing efforts.

Videos in sales proposals help deliver valuable context and insights into business processes, enabling prospects to quickly understand what you’re pitching. Layering videos into sales proposals can significantly add value to sales presentations. Adding a process-explainer video in sales proposals helps explain particular parts of a proposal in more detail, engaging the prospect and helping them understand the topic better.

What Makes a Video Personalized

A personalized video includes content created specifically for a company or person within that company that you want to approach. The video can include the person’s or company’s name and message specifically addressed to them.

Personalized outreach is imperative in all the stages of sales communication. It starts from the early conversations to sending out proposals and closing the deal. If prospects receive personalized touches right from the start of the marketing process, they’ll expect them in all subsequent sales interactions.

How to Personalize Sales Proposal Templates With Videos

Video personalization depends on your ability to find creative ways to customize what you say, who says it, and how they say it. At a high level, the video process includes:

  • Writing a custom script
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Finding the right “actors”
  • Managing the production process from beginning to end

The process also involves using internal talent or subject matter experts over hiring models or actors. By sourcing internal actors, you build trust with your prospects in your company’s expertise. They’ll also know who they’ll be working with after closing the deal.

A key aspect of these videos is your ability to address your prospect’s specific problem, not generalized industry problems. This way, you go beyond simply creating interest and providing information to making them feel valued and respected. You give the impression the sales proposal was crafted after sufficient research and understanding of their unique situation.

Ways to Use Videos in Sales Proposal Templates

You can use videos in your MSP sales proposals in a variety of ways.

Customer Testimonials

Many organizations use video testimonials to complement their marketing efforts. Marketing teams can assist you by providing videos of a few satisfied clients who’ve shared their experiences about working with your company. You can use these videos as an introduction or follow-up message to enhance trust.

Team Introductions

Add a short introduction video of the sales teams and the customer service teams in your sales proposal. These introductions help put a face to the company and make your company seem more personable to the prospect.

Product or Service Demo

You can reuse your existing demo videos. Alternatively, create new personalized demo videos to show your customers what to expect when choosing to do business with your company.

Problem and Solution Explanation

Sales executives can’t always expect prospects to read the complete proposal to get to the problem-solution part. An important part of MSP sales funnel is to make sure that your prospects are not left with some unanswered queries! Videos can help restate how your company perceives your prospect’s current problem and quickly explain the proposed solution.

‍Frequently Asked Questions

Products and services can sometimes be too complicated for prospects to understand immediately. Rather than listing FAQs in large chunks of text, a video that answers the top 10 questions that the company is often asked saves time in the sales process.

Follow-up messages

Follow-up videos of where you offer personalized insights and directly speak to the prospect can make your company stand out from the crowd. Potential clients are delighted to watch a video that inquires about their purchasing decisions, making them feel special.

Benefits of Using Videos in MSP Sales Proposals

When you include videos in your sales proposals, you’ll achieve several advantages.

Creates Shorter Sales Cycles

Extremely important for your MSP sales process to not continue indefinitely. Busy professionals seldom have the time to read lengthy sales proposals. However, they often find it worthwhile to take five minutes out of their schedules to watch a quick video that takes them through the high points of a sales proposal. They can forward it to the other decision-makers quickly, enabling shorter sales cycles.

Builds Better Trust and Improves Relationships

Salespeople today primarily sell via emails, web meetings, or phone calls rather than meeting customers in person. Personalized videos help build an instant connection and trust with a customer from the start.

Eliminates Clutter

When potential clients request a specific product or service, they might receive hundreds of emails and social media posts. Companies that approach them with videos, particularly as introduction messages, can put themselves ahead of the competition.

Enables Precise Messaging

Unlike text messages, a potential customer can simply click to play and listen to a sales executive’s message on video. Important communication doesn’t get lost in translation because you can add additional visuals and details.

Generates a Better Rate of Response

Prospective customers are positively surprised and promptly appreciate the extra time and effort your sales team invests in preparing the sales proposals with videos. This approach positively influences and significantly improves their response rate.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Videos have never been more popular and useful in making sales presentations and pitches more engaging and interactive. Their value can’t be ignored when your sales team wants to get noticed. Stand out from the crowd and get closer to prospects by adding video to your sales proposals.

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How Video Adds a Personalized Touch to Your Sales Proposals