Zomentum + Duo Integrations allows you to obtain all license information & sync automatically with the Duo Security cloud service.

About Company

Duo is a trusted cybersecurity company that specializes in multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. Duo offers a wide range of authentication methods, including push notifications, SMS codes, phone calls, and hardware tokens, giving organizations flexibility in choosing the right authentication method for their needs.

About Integration

Duo Security, a cloud-based two-factor authentication service, integrates with Zomentum to automatically sync license information and update contracts, ensuring no unbilled licenses are missed. With the Zomentum Connect extension, businesses can seamlessly connect with the Zomentum Connect ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of streamlined license management and contract updates.

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Key Benefits
Enhanced Security

Duo's two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to Zomentum, protecting sensitive client data and preventing unauthorized access.

Streamlined License Management

Automatically sync license information from Duo to Zomentum, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of licenses and avoiding any missed billing opportunities.

Seamless Workflow

The integration simplifies the process of managing licenses and contracts, saving time and effort for sales teams by eliminating manual data entry and reducing administrative tasks.

Why Zomentum +

Duo + Zomentum integration offers a comprehensive solution that combines robust security measures with efficient license management and contract updates, providing businesses with enhanced data protection, streamlined processes, and improved client satisfaction.

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