Proofpoint helps protect people, data and brands against cyber attacks. Offering compliance and cybersecurity solutions for email, web, cloud, and more.

About Company

Email, social media, and mobile devices are the tools of your trade—and for cyber criminals, the tools of attack. Proofpoint protects your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks.

About Integration

The integration of Proofpoint and Zomentum enhances data security by seamlessly incorporating Proofpoint's email security and threat protection features into Zomentum's platform. This ensures that Zomentum users can effectively safeguard their communication and data against email-based threats, improving overall cybersecurity within the platform.

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Key Benefits
Robust Security

The Proofpoint and Zomentum integration enhances platform security by integrating advanced email threat protection, safeguarding against phishing and malware attacks.

Simplified Experience

Users enjoy a seamless experience with streamlined workflows, reducing complexities associated with managing email security separately.

Comprehensive Protection

he collaboration ensures comprehensive protection, fostering confidence among users by mitigating email-based threats effectively within the Zomentum platform.

Why Zomentum +

Zomentum and Proofpoint integration provides a powerful synergy, enhancing cybersecurity within the Zomentum platform. By integrating Proofpoint's advanced email security features, Zomentum ensures robust protection against phishing, malware, and other threats. This seamless collaboration not only fortifies data security but also simplifies user experience, bolstering confidence and trust among users.

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