How to gain fluidity with MSP Client Management & Document Building

A channel partner discussing a document with a client

There’s only so much you can do when you have many prospective customers to follow up on & multiple MSP documents to create with precision. It is crucial to figure out some hacks which can empower your managed service business and also streamline these processes. Smart work instead of hard work should be your focus; that’s why team Zomentum introduces new advancements to its platform. Please have a glance at them here to understand how it fits your business requirements.

Import your taxes from the ConnectWise platform

Zomentum offers you the flexibility to configure your tax rates depending on tax jurisdictions and the products sold to your client. However, if you already have configured your taxes via ConnectWise integration, then you don’t need to set up taxes again in Zomentum. These taxes can be directly imported from this integration only with a few clicks just like the cost & sell prices of the products. 

Mapping taxes with ConnectWise integration

Sync up your Ingram accounts

Suppose you have chosen Ingram Micro to be the global distributor of your MSA services. You can link your existing Ingram accounts to Zomentum platform and get further details related to your product pricing. You can avoid going back and forth to check that information from your personal Ingram account.

Add files/notes against your Opportunities

Often you need to do multiple follow-ups or have specific requirements from your prospects after your first client consultation. Instead of scribbling these details on your notepad or sticky notes, you can add multiple files or notes while using Zomentum’s sales funnel management platform. This feature will help your sales team to stay up to date with all the latest client developments.

Adding notes on a particular opportunity

Automate the process of sending documents

Your sales team might have to send some documents such as business contracts to your clients after they have finally signed up with your services. Why not automate this process to save some time & streamline your efforts? Zomentum’s new functionality lets you create an action event within our Sales Automation module where you can send these types of documents to your clients while the automation runs after each win.

Adding action event to send document

Keeps you updated about the last document type

It is a problem when you have to select a specific document type such as proposals again and again, especially when you are creating multiple proposals for your clients in a week. To solve this woe, Zomentum will remember the previous document type that you built & autofill it while you work on the next one saving you a lot of time.

Last document built on Zomentum

Remembering the same document format

Create a history for the opportunity while you sync them to ConnectWise

While you sync an opportunity with ConnectWise platform, there can be certain errors such as lack of tax category, overly long prospect names, or descriptions which fail the process. Therefore with Zomentum’s new update every time sync a prospect, you will find it logged under the History section of that particular opportunity. This section will also offer you additional information about any error in case you have failed to sync them with the platform & why you have had that failure.

Move your products across multiple sections of your quote block

It is to add products, customize price rates, & configure taxes in Zomentum’s quote blocks. However, when you have multiple genres of MSA services for your clients, you need additional quote blocks in your document. You may find it challenging to adjust your products in these numerous blocks. For such a scenario, this new update lets you move your products across these multiple sections.

Change your product type while adding them to the quote block

Adding products from Etilize or your product catalogue can be tricky, especially if you have created a wrong product category. With this new feature update from Zomentum you can change the type of your product after you have clicked on the Add Product option.

Change the type of document after creating them

It’s effortless to create documents on Zomentum with a mere few clicks on the document builder module. However, till now, you could only make these & send them to your customers. With our new feature update, you will be able to change the category of the document when you find it necessary to convert a proposal into a quote or just made a mistake while selecting the wrong document type from the beginning.

Changing the type of document post-creation

Modify the risk score individually

Your MSP business might use specific criteria or methods to calculate risk score while assessing a prospective client. Although Zomentum already has its means to calculate the risk score, our new feature lets you customize it as per your framework.

View Opportunity-related activities

Sometimes you need to get a full 360-degree view of what your sales team is doing for each opportunity that comes into your sales pipeline. You might wonder about the activities they have performed for each of your opportunities or the timeline needed to close them. Zomentum’s new feature shows you every opportunity-related activity on the client module.

Viewing opportunity-related activities

Insert Entity URL in Merge tags

When you win a lead and want to check the client links or the document links that you have created on Zomentum you can view them with ease. This feature helps you add links to the associated client or document in the email while you automate them via the Sales Automation module. These links will help you open the required entities to get more insights about the clients or the documents. 

Create Decimal fields

You might need to store decimal values for specific services or products from time to time. With Zomentum’s new update, you can create these custom fields and store decimal values in them to make things easier & flexible for you.

Adding decimal values to the product

Currently, we are working on enabling you with specific integrations as well as refining our filters and views. Our objective is to innovate our platform with features that accelerate your sales, lets you create documents to seal your deals, automates your existing workflow, & helps you grow your business. We are always open to your feedback, so do let us know your thoughts. In the same time, we hope that the new updates mentioned above will simplify your day to day business management.