Automate Repetitive Tasks to Save Time

Enable your team to focus on the areas where they aremost effective and automate the rest. Ensure timely follow-ups and responses with automated email triggers; design customized workflows to save time on administrative tasks.

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Automate Tedious Tasks and Maintain Your Sales Momentum

Work On What Matters

Lean teams don't have time for data entry. Zomentum logs all sales activity while simultaneously creating task lists -- data entry, appointments, and invoice generation. Reminders keep you and your opportunities moving. When the prospect is ready, alerts help you act quickly. With features like automatic call logging, calls are logged in a lead’s profile. Also, autofill relevant data, such as job title or industry, for a more accurate opportunity and client profile in just one click.

Save Time Building Documents

Partners spend approximately 2 hours to create each sales proposal. However, with an integrated sales automation platform, you can reduce that preparation time to 22 minutes. Integrate with distributors to give you details about the stock availability and pricing in real-time, send email notifications when the prospect views the sales proposal, and set reminders to follow up with those who haven’t reviewed or accepted.

Harness the Power of Integrations

Disintegration between a PSA, CRM, marketing tools and sales platform forces you to go back and forth between systems for the further sales process. Our sales automation syncs with all your PSAs, CRMs, ERPs, marketing, and accounting tools, giving you quoting abilities, accurate data flow, and visibility to create end-to-end communication and tracking to better operate your business.

Generate Reports Quickly

Sales professionals and managers need to know the progress of their pipeline to measure their achievement toward revenue targets. When reporting, our sales automation system automatically tracks and updates your data with minimal human intervention. It also collates call information from multiple sources in one place, meaning less manual work for you and your team.

Automate Your Sales Cycle and Grow Your Business

Auto-populate Data in Your Documents

Use merge tags for "placeholder" or "variable" information already in Zomentum. You can insert Merge Tags inside a document's Text block to populate recurring details.

Enable Powerful Task Automation

Set several trigger events that, when completed, will automatically perform certain tasks such as updating field properties, sending email alerts, and creating action points for your sales teams.

Sync Multiple Pipelines With Your PSAs

Create sales automation rules to ensure all the won opportunities are moved over to the pipeline synced with the PSA.

Update Deal Status and Generate Invoices

Auto-update the win or loss status of your deals. You can also create and send invoices from Zomentum without switching to another invoice-generation tool.

Why Zomentum
Assessment + Automation to Devise Your Plan

Our sales automation is equipped with an assessment module to help you assess risks in your client's business environment, lay out a plan, and reduce potential scoping issues. Achieve visibility into everything involved with the project, including users, systems, network setups, infrastructure, cloud, and on-premise systems.

Save Time By Automating Workflows

Sales teams manually perform administrative tasks like sending a welcome email every time an opportunity is created or a follow-up email after sending the sales proposal, etc. With Zomentum sales automation, create multiple automation that are triggered upon a particular instance, like programming a reminder message to recipients to sign the document 4 days after delivery of the sales proposal without human intervention.

Measure Your Sales Effectiveness

Choose our easy-to-use sales automation that provides detailed insight into your sales teams' efforts and outlines what’s working or not working by monitoring sales activity, sales pipeline conversion, and document reports.

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Other Features
Assess How to Deliver Value

Perform routine risk assessments to identify gaps.

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Manage Pipelines & Funnels

Close deals quickly with sales activity management.

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Build Proposals & Contracts

Use a powerful document editor to simplify client communication.

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Simplify your sales process, reduce redundant tasks, and improve efficiency

Improve productivity and keep opportunities moving from one stage to another with powerful automation.

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