Synnex Corporation


Centralize IT procurement and accelerate your MSP sales better from one place – integrate Synnex with Zomentum.

About Company

Synnex Corporation is a global IT distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem. As a leading provider of technology solutions, Synnex distributes more than 40,000 technology products and provides MSPs with access to an extensive selection of technology products, including hardware, software, and cloud solutions.

About Integration

By integrating Synnex Corporation with Zomentum, managed service providers (MSPs) can access an extensive range of technology products and services from one platform. This integration provides MSPs with an easy and efficient way to procure products and services while streamlining their sales processes with Zomentum's proposal creation and e-signature features.

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Key Benefits
Amplify Technological Arsenal

Arm your MSP with an expansive array of tech products and services through a single, unified platform.

Revolutionize Sales Velocity

Supercharge your sales process with proposal creation and e-sign features, helping you to close deals faster.

Elevate Customer Experience

Provide exceptional service by effortlessly procuring products and services, while seamlessly engaging customers.

Why Zomentum +
Synnex Corporation

Elevate your MSP business with Zomentum's integration with Synnex Corporation. Experience the seamless flow of sales, procurement, and inventory management in one unified platform.

How to integrate

Synnex Corporation

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Synnex Corporation

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