Upsell Essential Services and Expand Revenue Streams

Zomentum helps the new age vCIO with quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to assess their clients’ business environment, create a strategic plan, and provide value-added solutions. Ask important questions, forecast technology needs, and become a trusted advisor that other solution providers can’t compete with.

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Help Your Clients Think Strategically and Offer Essential Upgrades That Improve Long-term business outcomes.

Identify Gaps in Your Client’s Business Environment

Assess your client’s asset health and current infrastructure risks. Avoid overwhelming your clients with technical jargon and complex terminology. Instead, use a visually intuitive risk matrix. Assign health markers to communicate present and future IT challenges based on risk profiles.

Present Detailed QBRs

Evaluate infrastructure health and track ongoing improvements with IT health markers. Show the money saved, and crises averted with detailed reports that clarify your client's return on investment and help them understand the progress made every business quarter.

Upsell Essential Services With vCIO

Make recommendations on essential upgrades for long-term business value. Align new requirements towards the overall IT strategy. Act as your client’s vCIO, demonstrating the value of incremental improvements every quarter and moving towards IT strategy goals.

Build Trust and Sell More Solutions That Increase Your Recurring Revenue

Leverage Ready-to-use Templates

Standardize your QBR process and ensure it delivers consistent results every time.

Conduct Granular Analysis

Create a detailed and structured QBR by covering as much as 100+ issues from 10 categories.

Opt Your Risk Presentation Style

Present strategy and risk reports by choosing between three styles of representation based on your clients’ needs.

Assess Risk-related Attributes

With our sales assessment risk matrix, identify & quantify gaps in clients’ infrastructure to show the value you offer.

Why Zomentum
Examine Your Clients’ Technological Needs

Help your clients understand complex technology challenges with an intuitive risk matrix and make expert recommendations. Most importantly, risk assessments can assist you in gaining a competitive edge. Identify potential gaps in their infrastructure health and recommend proactive measures for long-term business outcomes.

Enable Easier Upsell

Once you explain the value of your services, you can create packaged deals to make your prospects more inclined to purchase them without paying full prices for any add-ons. You can offer free trials, discounts, and other sales promotions for these secondary services to make them more appealing and increase your monthly recurring revenue.

Achieve Higher Win Rates

When you gather information for your clients, communicate the risks within their business environment and recommend ways to tackle these obstacles with specific services. With customised sales proposals, you can improve your win rates and achieve better results.

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Other Features
Create Deal-Winning Documents Faster

Use customizable and interactive templates to create contracts, proposals and quotes.

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Manage Pipelines & Funnels

Close deals quickly with sales activity management.

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Automate Tedious Sales Tasks

Save time on repetitive but unavoidable actions.

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Gain More Revenue and Trust With QBRs and Assessments

Become your client’s trusted vCIO and demonstrate return on business investment.

Free Tools and Resources To Explore
Template | Quarterly Business Review Meeting

Save time with our QBR meeting template and use it to track any action items that come up.

eBook | Create Highly Successful Sales Proposals

Streamline the proposal process to boost sales and incremental revenue.


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