5 Reasons Why Zomentum's CRM is Better for MSPs

Zomentum's CRM benefits for MSPs

Dear MSP, our CRM is exclusively for you.

                                            - Yours, Zomentum

You as managed service providers (MSP) are an important part of today’s modern IT business infrastructure. As more and more companies embrace technological advancement to compete better in the global economy, they also want to engage with knowledgeable and reliable partners capable of delivering consistent services and support is more valuable than ever. How do you, as a managed service provider, help businesses implement new infrastructure solutions and manage the everyday maintenance of their progressively complex and mission-critical systems?

There’s no doubt about it – a good CRM system is an answer. If you are looking to implement a CRM software solution for your MSP business, the market choices can be quite overwhelming. But With so many vendors to choose from, how do you choose the right CRM provider? What are the CRM applications that make one vendor stand apart from the others? The difficulty is not only in the fact that there are various solutions and technologies to choose from. You as an MSP should also consider options for deployment, customizing abilities, cost, business value, and scalability, before you decide.

However, it can be less daunting if you are clear about why you want to implement a CRM in the first place. Before embarking on the selection process, there are two important factors to keep in mind –

1. Be sure to consider the impact that each feature of the prospective CRM software will bear on your customers. Focus on that first, and you will not go wrong in choosing the best fit.

2. Your own needs! It is important to cautiously assess what your own business needs are. Then, match them to the functionality offered, the budget, and decide on whether or not you need all or only a few of the functions that the CRM solution offers.

That said, from integrations to user experience, and working with the right team, we will tell you 5 big reasons as to why Zomentum is the best CRM for MSPs. Read on.

Ease of use and efficiency

Make sure that you look for CRM software that will support you to augment internal efficiencies by automating workflows and processes, cutting down the human error, reducing process time, and offering consistency through your company. Zomentum is CRM software exclusively built for MSPs. Zomentum helps MSPs manage opportunities, clients, and sales processes efficiently to achieve fast growth.

Organize your contacts the way you want to

Zomentum helps you organize clients and contact details, and associate every client and contact with a relevant opportunity in the sales pipeline.

 Customizable pipeline stages

Configure different stages of your sales pipeline as per your needs. Zomentum lets you define how your opportunities move from one stage to another in the sales funnel and help close them faster.

 Keep track of every single opportunity

Manage opportunities using the pipeline view that Zomentum offers. 

A holistic view of all data

Zomentum offers a single page view of the entire CRM with a panoramic sales pipeline view. Sales teams can identify and highlight opportunities that are unattended to and assign tasks. This helps MSPs stay on top of important opportunities, tasks, and activities, and win more deals in less time.

Intuitive, 360-degree view of all sales activities

MSPs can track and make a note of all opportunity information such as calls, emails, and events in a single place. This way, you will never miss an opportunity to win clients with timely follow-ups.

Task Management

You can schedule tasks, meetings, and emails, and set up reminders for all activities. Zomentum enables you to take quick notes, to ensure that you never miss anything.

Zero integration trouble

Zomentum integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem that your business thrives upon. Several Managed Service Providers prefer Zomentum because every integration is built to take you a little closer to winning your next opportunity. We customize integrations to suit your business use case and create new ones based on what you or your customers require. Zomentum Integrates with all native PSA tools including Connectwise and Auto-task to bring all your client and sales information into a single tool. Zomentum’s integration feature can be combined with Zapier integration to import leads from any marketing or process automation tool that’s a part of an MSP’s sales ecosystem.

All that you’ll need in a CRM, is there in Zomentum

  1. Email templates - Use recurring email templates for quick follow-ups and personalize your emails with merge-tags.
  2.  Activity & Notification- Gain alerts on unscheduled activities, overdue tasks. Get timely notifications on sales goals.
  3.  Activity Feed - Keep track of all opportunity related information in a single activity feed.
  4.  Bulk Import - Import product catalog from distributors and vendors in common formats such as CSV or Excel.
  5. Global Search - Quickly find what you’re looking for, with an easy-to-access search function.
  6.  Email Tracking - Stay on top of all incoming and outgoing email communication with every opportunity separately.
  7.  Two way-email sync - Send and receive all communication in Zomentum through two-way sync.
  8. Email alias support - send and receive e-mails also through your registered aliases.
  9.  Two-factor authentication - Secure two-factor authentication to bolster your data security.

All that you’ll need in a sales platform is there in Zomentum

Zomentum combines a powerful proposal builder, a CRM, and a sales automation tool into one single platform. You can either use these in one account or choose the modules that you want to use separately. Some of the most valuable features of Zomentum include:

    1. 360-degree view of client data

    2. White-labeled proposals

     3. Template library

     4. Sales assessments

     5. Integrated e-signatures

    6. Deep insights

    7. Native PSA integration

     8. Helpful support

A team you would love to work with

As an MSP, it is important to take the time to find a CRM vendor that matches your business philosophy and culture, one who has industry-specific knowledge, and one who will provide professional expertise and customization.

To begin with, Zomentum was conceptualized and built keeping the MSP and channel partners in mind. We at Zomentum dived deep right at inception to understand the important role that an MSP plays – MSPs form the core of the SMB segment.

We are just a click away to help you experience the product. Schedule a live demo to learn how we can work with you to help you deliver better sales results for your business.