5 Reasons Why Zomentum's Proposal Builder Is Better Than Most

Two men discussing Why Zomentum's Proposal Builder Is Better Than Most

An MSP who uses Word or PDF to create sales documents is the only one who understands the pain of doing so. As simple as the word ‘sales document’ sounds, the more complex is its process of creation. 

Gathering the outline of your sales content from either Google or from your peers, then formatting it as per your client’s requirements, attaching it in the form of an email attachment, and then sending it to your prospects. This is a lengthy process and what most people cannot understand is that it(document processing) accounts for over 30% of the total sales cycle.

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Using a proposal software like Zomentum, you can, 

  • Simplify sales process
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve close rates
  • Increase efficiency and reduce time

5 ways that Zomentum stands out of competition are,

Greater design options

Microsoft Word is a text processor. We agree that you can do wonders with your documents. Backgrounds, footers, headers, and fonts, everything can be edited with Word. However, a Word document must always be printed for or converted to PDF to be sent via an email for signatures from your prospects. And when this happens, all your alignment goes for a toss!

Zomentum’s proposal builder comes with integrated online collaboration that allows you or your team to share the document with your prospects without having to attach it as a PDF or docs file to your email (though PDF option is still available) No attachments, no alignment issues. 

Choose a template from the library or import a template you love, edit elements as needed, and you’re good to click ‘send’. 

Your customer receives a link to a live micro-site(i.e. A mini website) hosting your document, which can be edited online.

Greater Design Options
Greater Design Options

Responsive sales documents

About 34 percent of sales documents are opened on mobile devices. Most of the time, Word documents are either viewed in a stretched format or in a decreased font size when opened on mobile devices. Your document might look all perfect on your PC or Mac, but might just not be the same on mobile devices. 

Zomentum's proposal builder, makes responsive proposals that can be viewed easily on any device including mobile, laptops and notepads. No more zooming in and out, no more embarrassments, and unreadable sales documents.  

Enabling multimedia in your sales documents

A recent study showed us that viewers of a video tend to retain 95% more content than when they read a text document. 

Sometimes, words are not enough to keep your readers engaged. Some prefer plain text, some like to see images between the text, while a few like only videos. As an MSP, you know your prospects the best, and when you are sending your sales proposals, make sure it’s perfect to their taste. 

The major drawback of using Microsoft Word is that your sales proposals will only be limited to text and images. But with a proposal software, you can create documents with images, videos, and GIFs. You can make your proposal as interactive as you can, only with a proposal software. 

Enabling Multimedia In Your Sales Documents
Enabling Multimedia In Your Sales Documents

Tracking your sales documents

Even your most beautiful Word document cannot be tracked, until it is sent using a proposal software. Once you send your proposal, you will never get to know if the prospect has ever opened the document. 

Whereas, with Zomentum, you will be able to track every move of your prospect on the document after you send out your proposal. When has the client first opened the document, how much time has the client taken to read the document, on which page did they spend most of their time, and many more. 

Being able to track your proposal’s progress will make your process more efficient. And rather than following up with your prospect continuously for a confirmation, you can focus on other hot leads. 

Easy e-signatures

Suppose your prospect is all ready to hire you, and you send your sales documents using Word. Upon receiving the documents, you are yet to hear from them. 

There is a lag, a delay. And what that exactly is? 

Usually, the prospect needs to print the entire document, send it to their legal team for confirmation, sign and then scan them for acknowledgement. This is a time-consuming process which adds to an already lengthy sales process.

With Zomentum, you can use e-signature to speed up this process. After your sales documents are ready, just drop in the signature block. Once the prospect has read the entire document, they can easily sign the document instantly, and you will be notified. 

Easy E-Signatures
Easy E-Signatures


Zomentum is not just a proposal builder it is a complete sales platform that combines CRM, proposal builder and sales automation into a single product, allowing you to not only streamline your proposal /sales document process but optimizing your sales process as a whole. 

If this makes sense and you wish to bring a change in the way your processes work, schedule a demo with us. And if you want to see how well Zomentum can fit into your business, explore us.