The 8 Best Proposal Apps to Win Projects and Land New Clients

best proposal apps

You devote hours to draft a proposal, ticking off a long list of tasks associated with it – collaborating with team members of different departments to gather assets, curate images, define the scope, create timelines, arrive at estimates, etc.

Then, you email the proposal to the prospect and await a response.

The wait can be frustrating; because you don't know if the prospect went through the proposal, or worse, if he or she even opened the email until days later – maybe after many follow-up emails. And with each Request for Proposal (RFP) that your company receives, you and the rest of the sales team have to start the creation process all over again.

Considering how hurried the proposal course usually is, Businesses today understand the need and importance of proposal apps and proposal writing software.

Proposal apps help reduce the non-billable hours spent in creating content for sales proposals. Proposal creators are designed to address the need to effectively create, hoard, and manage proposals, gain a better understanding of a company’s sales pipeline and performance, and ultimately, win more deals.

‍What Makes a Great Proposal App?


The best proposal apps enable faster creation of proposals. Instead of typing out all the required information in a word processor document, proposal apps typically include form fields to quickly fill in the details—both manually and automatically with saved content blocks that you can reuse in every new proposal. 

With several other options to make it aesthetically pleasing, sales executives can simply save the proposal as a presentation, PDF document, or even as a webpage, and send it to clients in just a few clicks. The best proposal software speeds up the proposal workflow so that sales professionals spend less time on paperwork.


Handling several tasks and RFPs simultaneously can lead to slip-ups and missing out important information that a proposal might need. Perhaps the important feature that makes a good proposal app is the ability to save content and provide customized fields in templates to fill the saved information. With a good proposal app, sales professionals can create accurate proposals and need not worry about forgetting important information.


As mentioned earlier, creating a proposal on a word processor document entails at least a half-dozen steps. The best proposal apps usually take just a couple of clicks to finish and send a proposal—and they also provide notifications when clients view and sign proposals online. Many good proposal apps even include integrations with CRM tools, accounting tools, etc., to manage entire sales and business cycles automatically.

While there are many more, here are 8 proposal apps that can up your proposal game – and win more business:

#1 - Zomentum

Certainly one of the best proposal apps and an intutive one, Zomentum includes drag-and-drop feature, Zomentum streamlines the proposal creation process, enabling the use of both external and in-built proposal templates. Zomentum enables personalization of proposals like adding videos, sending proposals in the form of microsites, and so on and is definitely one of the best MSP proposal software!

Additional Features Include:

  • Digital signature feature for the fast and convenient signing of proposals
  • Document tracking – notifies sales teams when a proposal is opened, commented, or signed by a prospect
  • Set and send automatic reminders to prospects who haven’t signed the proposal
  • Built-in MSP proposal templates
  • In-built CRM and automation modules making it a complete sales platform
  • Cost: $19/month

#2 - Venngage

Creating professional, persuasive proposals is easy with Venngage. It offers high-quality and polished proposal templates that can be customized easily. Sales teams can have access to stock photos, icons, and graphics to create beautiful proposals. The proposal app also lets proposal writers incorporate charts and tables to show pricing or product comparisons.

Other Features Include:

  • Presentation templates
  • Proposal templates for various industries
  • Simple, drag-and-drop editor to customize templates quickly
  • Collaboration features to allow multiple team members to make changes or comment on the proposal
  • Cost: Freemium + $49 per month

#3 - Proposify

Proposify is a sales proposal software that perfects suits general contractors who want to quickly tweak their business proposal templates for clients in different industries. Once the sections are created and saved, a bidder can simply plug them in and out as required. This proposal app also features a detailed layout editor that helps customize background colors, tables, text boxes, sidebars, etc., in line with a brand’s identity.

Other Features Include:

  • Branded templates that can be customized to save time
  • Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Online signature tool for faster sign-offs
  • perfectlyCost: $30/month

#4 - PandaDoc

The PandaDoc proposal app is available on iOS and Android and helps create customized proposals quickly with smart collaboration and integration with several CRMs. It provides a content library to save different categories of data. The software provides custom notifications when a client opens a proposal.

Additional Features Include:

  • Easy contract renewals
  • Simplified recruiting and onboarding
  • Customized pricing based on the additional features
  • Cost: $19/month per user

#5 - Bidsketch

This MSP proposal app simplifies the proposal writing process by following proven methods for landing new business. The Bidsketch proposal app is based on the research of over 25,000 proposals worth over $270 million to determine the best practices of creating proposals. The research data is available in the proposal app to help sales teams create winning proposals.

Additional Features Include:

  • Proposal stats, Free samples, and MSP Proposal templates
  • Reusable content
  • Professional template designs
  • Cost: $149/month

#6 - WebMerge

The WebMerge proposal software simplifies the proposal process with document automation. Sales teams can simply take existing files and customize them into smart new documents for the quick submission. WebMerge also helps create invoices, contract agreements, terms documents, and more.

Additional Features Include:

  • Simplified document generation
  • Customizable templates that are compatible with PDF, WordDoc, Excel, etc.
  • HTML flexibility
  • Integration with popular apps such as Salesforce, DocuSign
  • Cost: $29/month

#7 - SnappyFORMS

SnappyFORMS proposal app offers a vast library of ready-made templates. This software helps create various kinds of sales documents, along with business proposal templates. The proposal software also offers professional templates for invoices, checklists, and service agreements.

Additional Features Include:

  • Payment for the chosen templates
  • Software package includes Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF files
  • Cost: Price per document ranges from $22-$65

#8 - Right-Proposal

This proposal software gives sales professionals the added feature of generating a custom bill of materials. It helps automatically pull saved lists based on the service template, creating faster proposals with accurate pricing estimates.

Additional Features Include:

  • Personalization of sample proposal templates
  • Create comparison-based proposals
  • Create price catalogs
  • Cost: $474 flat fee

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The 8 Best Proposal Apps to Win Projects and Land New Clients