How To Import Word & PDF Documents Into Zomentum's Proposal Template

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Are you an MSP who has always created business proposals using Microsoft Word? 

If yes is the answer, then I am sure you have many such pre-defined PDFs and Word documents important to closing a deal waiting to be included in an online application. Earlier, the only mode of online upload for all your sales documents was an email attachment. 

With Zomentum’s proposal builder, you can drop your PDFs right into the proposal, differentiated by sections, if required. 

With a proposal software, you will have the versatility to build interactive proposals and other sales documents faster than ever. Create these proposals in the proposal builder or import a PDF, you’ll have more time in both the cases to close deals faster and chase more leads.

Once your proposal template is ready, enhance its performance by adding an e-signature block or drop a responsive pricing table block. After you send the document with all the modifications, easily track metrics such as document open rate, for how long the client looked at a particular page in the proposal, and more. 

How to import Word & PDF documents into Zomentum?

That’s super simple!

Once you are into our amazing ‘Templates’ section, just hit the button ‘Upload Template’ in the proposal builder. 

Select your PDF from the next window that appears. You can either upload the documents saved in your computer drive or use a link to do so. 

How to import Word & PDF documents into Zomentum
Importing Word & PDF documents into Zomentum

Pro-tip: Combine all your PDF imports with online signatures to quickly send a digital version of your quotes, purchase orders, NDAs, and other documents. 

Save more time, close more deals

After you have uploaded the PDF documents in our proposal builder, craft your documents like a pro in seconds. 

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