What Every MSP Should Know About Sales Assessment?

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Old School Selling Doesn’t Work Anymore

Don’t think of yourself as a solution provider who is looking for a problem. That is an old-fashioned approach which doesn’t work anymore. Creating sales proposals in this manner will not do your MSP firm any good in the long run. Why? Because you are working in reverse, introducing your solution and then circling back to the problem. You will leave your clients perplexed and price-resistant, and risk of having a low closing rate.

To avoid those results, you need to be proactive in knowing and showing your MSP business’ value. Showcase your strengths and demonstrate how you can tailor your services and solutions to meet your clients’ business requirements. You should tell your customers what they don’t know. However, this is easier said than done. The best way to accomplish that objective is by conducting a sales assessment of their IT environments and letting them know what improvements they need.

Ins and Outs of Sales Assessment

  • Every sales assessment comprises four necessary quadrants or components - infrastructure, security, managed support & services, & telecommunications.
  • There are multiple audit items in each of these components, such as cabling and backup and data recovery.
  • While conducting a sales assessment, each of these items carries a certain weight and MSPs must understand the client’s requirements and the challenges they’re facing within these components.
  • Categorize possible outcomes for each component using different colour codes - low risk (green), medium risk (yellow), and high risk (red).
  • Based on the weight of the audit items and possible outcomes, MSPs can calculate a risk score pinpointing the shortcomings of that client’s existing IT ecosystem.

Blessings of an IT sales audit

a. Connect with your customers on a deeper level - at the end of the day, your clients will appreciate you telling them exactly what needs to be done to improve and run their businesses effectively. IT sales assessments not only solidify your business connections but also add an emotional touch to those relationships. They would think of your MSP as a guiding force, helping their businesses achieve specific goals, instead of just a solution provider selling a set of prescribed services.

b. Explain in a non-technical way - prospects might not be interested in hearing a technical mumbo jumbo about the issues they’re facing. Many IT sales assessment tools like Zomentum come with several predefined templates covering all potential audit outcomes in an easy to understand format.

c. Simplify sales pricing - people tend to pay more for higher quality products and services. However, that only happens when they know why they must buy and what makes it so worthwhile. MSP sales assessments should paint a picture in your customers’ minds conveying all of those various aspects. 

d. Upsell with confidence - once you explain your services’ value, you can create packaged deals to make your prospects inclined to purchase them without them paying full prices for these add-ons. You can offer free trials, discounts, and other sales promotions for these secondary services to make them more appealing and maximize your MRR

e. Experience higher close rates - when you gather information for your clients, communicate the risks within their IT environment, and recommend ways to tackle these obstacles with specific services at your disposal, you create a more compelling sales proposal. Every pitch has a better chance of being fruitful and close rates should increase.

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One Tool For Your MSP Sales Assessment Needs

What if you could make an excellent first impression on your clients with an easy to use IT assessment tool? The great news is you can. Zomentum offers everything an MSP needs, from audit templates to digestible analytics and a DIY proposal builder based on your assessment intelligence. 

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