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We were super stoked to bring this webinar to you, and in case you couldn’t make it, here’s a quick recap. 

It’s a brand new decade, and we, at Zomentum, are stepping into it with what we do best, an intuitive set of features that put you on a fast track towards high-performing MSP sales.

We decided to talk about our true love! 

Since our launch in Datto Con 8 months back, we’ve participated in multiple events, met several fellow MSPs who gave us valuable information. We are ever so thankful for all the insightful discussions and the positive affirmations that you had for us. We have found a deep appreciation for the everyday hassle that you as MSPs go through from a quote to cash cycle. We’re humbled by the responses we received and, with renewed vigor, will continue marching towards our larger quest of accelerating the MSP sales growth.

Product Updates

We have added several new functionalities that genuinely make the MSP sales cycle a hassle-free experience, and we decided to do this webinar to help you leverage all the tools you need to stay on top of the MSP sales game. Shortening the global MSP sales cycle and saving you from countless hours of drudgery is a long term marathon that we have decided not to run alone, but hold hands and walk with fellow MSPs until the last mile. 

Where exactly does Zomentum fit into my sales cycle? 

You, as an MSP, often have to juggle between multiple tools in your sales process, which still leads to massive time leaks and hindered productivity. With numerous tools in the market to manage MSP marketing automation and MSP projects, the more critical part of maintaining the end-to-end sales process is bereft of an intuitive solution.

Zomentum was built as the end-to-end sales platform for modern MSPs to manage their sales cycle efficiently. Manage opportunities, create quick proposals, leverage powerful automation to move your opportunities through the sales funnel, and gain actionable insights with intuitive dashboards and shareable reports.

With a powerful combination of an opportunity tracking, proposal building, and sales analytics, Zomentum sits at the right juncture of augmenting the current MSP sales cycle with new-age UX, efficiency, and an intuitive cloud-based platform. With Zomentum, you, as a modern MSP, will be able to create proposals in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. Automate repetitive sales activities. Avoid back and forth with prospects with real-time updates to the document, live conversations, document tracking, all in one place.  

According to this post from psychology today, an average human makes about 35,000 decisions, and every moment that decision is delayed, there’s a higher chance of their attention being devoted elsewhere. With Zomentum’s real-time collaboration, you can comment on documents, provide detailed clarification, and iron out the finer details. Set an expiry date for your document to induce a sense of urgency and fast track decision making. 

Convert opportunities into income

With our newly added automation, reports, and dashboard capabilities, you gain insights into every aspect of your sales cycle.  Uncover actionable insights from an analytics engine that gives you real-time updates on what’s working and what is not. 

Benchmark and compare your win rate based on past performances. 

Zomentum was built to be the one single platform for IT channel partners to manage their end-to-end sales cycle.” 

- Rahil Shah, CTO, Co-Founder, Zomentum. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of how Zomentum seamlessly integrates into any MSP sales cycle. 

Opportunities Module in Zomentum

Our opportunities module now enables you to customize your sales pipeline as per your specific requirements, leverage integrations with multiple tools to quickly import all your Opportunities into Zomentum. Automate the entire data flow between your marketing tools and your PSA via Zomentum with easy integrations.

Empower your sales with an easy to use sales document builder that makes the time taken to draft a new Quote, proposal, agreement, or a contract go from hours to minutes. Build documents faster and maintain consistency by choosing from an existing template, or customizing one on your own. Reduces your quote to cash cycle with seamless proposal acceptance and negotiation process, that puts you on the top of your MSP sales game.

Help your customers immediately realize value in your offering

Proposal Builder in Zomentum

For long, MSPs have struggled with clearly communicating their offering to a not so tech-savvy audience. With Zomentum's powerful document editor, you can layout the details of multiple IT solutions in terms of hardware, softwares, services, or bundles that allow your customers to perceive value immediately. You don't have to bottleneck your customer into a rigid pricing structure like "All you can eat model, ". Extensively customize your offerings specific to customer requirements and provide them with a choice to select a pricing plan that best suits their needs. 

Once your customers are able to clearly understand the benefits of your services, you establish a gateway for upselling additional services. Make a positive impression on your clients  by adding your logo and customized images to your documents.

It’s as easy as lego! -Never again retype documents end to end

Create a document with just a sequence of steps using easy drag and drop blocks, that allow for proposal building both at pace and at a scale. With previously saved blocks, you can split any document into multiple components and reuse specific components for future modification. Reiterate your brand image in every proposal. Leverage a highly configurable quote block that helps you easily communicate, avoid back and forth getting signatures from all crucial stakeholders. 

All you need in a single feed! 

Analytics and Reporting in Zomentum

  • Automate your entire prospect to customer flow with automation
  • Utilize intuitive Charts & visualization for actionable insights that fuel sales
  • Generate informative reports that allow you to capitalize on findings and take action.

We at Zomentum have made great strides since we started. With each day, we continue to march forward in our quest, and on looking back, we're very thrilled to be greeted by all the smiling faces and delighted MSPs that make our Hansel's trail. With that said, the pendulum of MSP sales continues to sway with Zomentum, and we're saving a record amount of time for hundreds of happy customers! 

Reach out to us anytime or get a demo.