What's new in Zomentum this April?

Illustration of whats new in Zomentum

What’s New ?

This year has been transformative for us and for most of the world. COVID19 affected our business and forced most of us to move towards remote working environments. These changes though slowed down the industry but also have been the cause of opening up new avenues of revenue for businesses around the world. 

We wanted to build on remote working factors of Zomentum and built features that would allow you to either automate or streamline your sales processes. Here are a few things that we think would add significantly to productivity and the new business environment.

Sales Automation - Save time by executing your sales playbook on autopilot 

Automation has been a major driver in optimizing age-old business processes, this month we released “Sales Automation” in Zomentum.

What is it and what does it do?

Have you ever forgotten to send that agreement that your customer must sign before you could deliver and install the products?

How about the notification that your onboarding team needs to get to let them know that a new customer needs assistance?

With “Sales Automation” by Zomentum, you can set rules that trigger an action like sending a thank you, or sending out a welcome email with your standard agreement  to your customer or making sure essential processes are followed by your team by sending notifications.

Sales Automation
Sales automation to increase productivity

Here is a simple email being sent to a customer after closing an opportunity .

Sales automation helps you to,

  • Automate recurring sales processes within your organisation including sending onboarding emails, or contract documents or standard quotes after a call.
  • Speed up sales cycles and customer onboarding with trigger based actions that lead to faster turnaround times.

How to get started

To start building your automation, you would need to,

  1. Login into your Zomentum account
  2. Click on the “Sales Automation” menu item on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Click on the “Create Automation:” button on the right side of the screen

And you are ready to begin building.

Proposal builder

Zomentums’ proposal builder is one of our major USPs, customers like you have been delighted by how ”Proposal builder” speeds up their proposal and quotation process. 

This month we upgraded our “Proposal builder” to include

  1. Quote block - Integration with multiple distributors
  2. Sales Assessment 
  3. Within quote block you can taxable or Non-taxable products
  4. A new product type “Labor” was added 
  5. Markup and Margin modifiers were added within the quote block.

Quote block - Real-time pricing in an instant

Zomentum now integrates with your favourite distributors including ”Etilize”, “IngramMicro”, “TechData”, “D&H” and “Synnex”, allowing you to access millions of product descriptions, quotes and other information instantly from within the “Proposal builder” using Quote block. Filter product content based on the manufacturer, category, or features and find the perfect product content in mere seconds and add the current real time pricing of these products into your quote document.

Quote block
Real-time pricing and product catalog for creating quick proposals

Sales Assessment 

Our sales assessment module within “Proposal Builder”, allows you to transform your assessment of the IT infrastructure of a potential customer into a document that they would understand. Combined with detailed severity and probability scores “Sales Assessment” is an easy way for you to show value and justify the costs of your services

Sales Assessment 
Clear thorough IT assessments

With these new additions Proposal builder allows you to,

  • Create easy to understand assessment reports and quotes for your customers
  • Speed up the sales process and send the required documents almost instantly
  • Help you show your customers the value and need for your services. 


Intuitive visualization and reporting for superior context

Reporting matters. It's how you visualize and track the critical metrics that play a crucial role in the profitability of your MSP business. 

Intuitive visualization
Intuitive proposal and visualization

The new dashboards are intuitive and vibrant to help you gain actionable insights quickly. View all metrics ranging from sales growth, document success to sales funnel reports. With a single panel, see how much pipeline you create and switch between views along with quick filters for a superior context.

Stay on top of every KPI

Get a detailed preview of every report, as you define metrics including

  1. Number of opportunities closed this month/quarter/year
  2. Number of tasks completed by an agent
  3. Total monthly/quarterly/annual recurring revenue, among others

Email - Personalize communication with merge tags and email templates and email tracking

Save time and ensure consistent communication across the team using email templates and personalized messages. Ensure timely follow-ups, take notes, and automatically move opportunities across the funnel. 

 How it works : 

  • Use merge tags as variables in emails that automatically fills the respective name of the prospect, prospect company, and more 
  • Guide opportunities through every stage with personalized email templates and that get triggered based on if/then conditions