Custom Fields | Calendar Integration | Product Bunding Enhancements

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Custom Fields

Zomentum’s CRM module allows you to save customer data including contact details, company details, opportunity, documents, and email at one place. Allowing you to track and measure performance and maintain quality in your sales process. 

“Custom Fields” would allow you to add custom data like number of employees or servers, current OS, hardware vendor etc as custom fields in opportunity, clients, contact, documents, and products. Which then you can use to create custom reports based on the custom data available. 

Custom Fields in Zomentum

How does it help

Custom fields allow you to add data that you might need specific to your sales process. These then can be used everywhere from proposal documents to reports.  

Custom fields once setup, would allow you to,

  • Create custom merge tags within your sales contract and proposals. Allowing another level of personalisation to the proposal builder.
  • Create custom reports based on these fields, allowing you to create  reports customised to your use case and process

Calendar Integration 

We integrated your favourite email provider with Zomentum so that it becomes easier for you and your sales team to track conversations irrespective of the channel you use. Logically, the next step was to integrate your personal calendars with your Zomentum account.

With Zomentum’s calendar integration, you can 

  1. Create contacts using the attendee email addresses mentioned in a calendar invite. 
  2. Create reminders for tasks and meeting within Zomentum and sync it with your personal calendar.

Calendar Integration in Zomentum

How does it help

With new calendar integration, you and your sales teams can keep track of all your tasks and meetings for the day. Ultimately helping you to,

  • Avoid double booking
  • Maintain regular follow ups with your customers/opportunities
  • Keep track of all your tasks for the day at one place, saving time and improving productivity

Product Bundling - Enhancements

Zomentum’s product bundles in our product catalog section allowed you to create custom bundles and add them in your sales quotes. 

With the new enhancements, now you can

  1. Add/Remove products from the bundles
  2. Hide/Show product pricing or the product list within the proposal document. 
  3. Make products within bundles optional
  4. Hide/Show individual product pricing in the document.

Product Bundling - Enhancements in Zomentum

How does it help

With the new enhancements, you can now import or create multiple custom product bundles which can be edited and customised in accordance with customer requirements. Saving time and speeding up closures for your sales team.