Autotask Hardening | ConnectWise Product Custom Fields | Merge Tags Bulk Fill

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Autotask Hardening

Zomentum’s ability to integrate with PSAs like Autotask gets an advancement as Zomentum's new integration will allow you to choose information to sync between Autotask and Zomentum.  

Select how you want to sync the data

  1. Only push to Autotask

           a. This will only push data from Zomentum to Autotask once the opportunity is marked as Won.

   2.    Only pull from Autotask

            a. This will only pull your data from Autotask to Zomentum and push nothing to Autotask.

   3.    Both pull new entities from Autotask and push Won opportunity to Autotask

            a. This will pull data from Autotask and push back data to Autotask whenever you mark the Opportunity as              WON in Zomentum.

Select what you want to sync

  1. Select the Field mappings in the last screen

            a. Select mappings between Zomentum Opportunity Stages and Autotask Opportunity Stages and Status.

            b. If a single stage in Zomentum has a Stage and status mapping both, we will consider stage mapping and             pull in the Opportunity.

   2.    Once done, click on Save and Proceed.

How does it help?

With new enhancements, you can view updated information on both the platforms that syncs every fifteen minutes. Choose all the data or only the data you want with additional filters for syncing.

CW Product Custom Fields

With Zomentum’s latest enhancements, users now have the ability to sync CW product fields (Product Class, Product Category, Product Sub-category, Product type, Is Serialized) with Zomentum's products. The custom fields are automatically created and synced and are only limited to the 5 fields mentioned in above.

How does it help?

You are not limited to match Zomentum’s product fields to that of Connectwise, as now you can manually create custom fields for products that don’t fall under the given category. 

Merge Tags Bulk fill

With Zomentum’s merge tag bulk fill feature, you can now fill all the merge tags before sending your email. 

How does it help?

The feature helps you save time by not filling information one by one, instead you can just fill all the tags all at once just before sending the proposal. 

Push of Quote line items to Syncro 

Previously you could only push opportunity details to Syncro when the opportunity was marked ‘Won’, but with Zomentum’s new enhancements, you can now push data when the document is marked ‘Won’. 

How does it help?

MSPs can have access to view details in Syncro as per the prospect stages in Zomentum. They don’t have to wait to have a clear picture of their sales pipeline until the entire opportunity is marked won. 

Syncro estimates are marked Approved when pushed from Zomentum

Previously, when estimates were pushed to Syncro after the document was marked ‘Won’ in Zomentum, the status of the estimate remained ‘Open’ in Syncro. 

With our additional feature, when an estimate is pushed to Syncro after the document is won, the status of the estimate automatically gets marked ‘Approved’ in Syncro.