Why most sales CRM initiatives by MSPs fail?

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More than half of all CRM initiatives are rejected or cannot generate a positive return on investment, with low user adoption being the main culprit most of the time (Report). According to a report by IT Glue, 42 percent of MSPs are reported not using a CRM, while others were using their PSA as a de facto CRM. While the organizations fight an uphill battle, efforts to make sales drift back to using spreadsheets and emails to manage their communications. 

So, what is causing the MSPs to reject a CRM when they are technically built to help them? Here are two common reasons the MSPs avoid using a CRM. 

They find sales software overwhelming

When you have been working with spreadsheets throughout your career, learning about sales software looks like a complicated task. The widespread confusion caused by complex CRM platforms explains why only 13 percent of sales reps use a CRM to its full capacity. 

Inevitably, CRMs that are easy and intuitive are the ones used by organizations. A report by InsideCRM found that 55 percent of sales professionals feel that ease of using a CRM is the most important feature. 

Speaking of which…

CRM doesn’t save time 

CRM is built to make the lives of MSPs easy by automating the manual process and providing them customer contacts systematically. If a CRM can't do that well, it is worthless. 

According to a report by Software Advice, the most common complaint by sales reps to avoid using a CRM is the time consumption in filling details. In fact, 71 percent of reps spend their time in data entry, thus adding to manual tasks. 

Your CRM must technically do the following,

Benefits of Using a CRM

Breaking the monotony to enter a lot of data is required. If a CRM gives you the flexibility to do less manual work, then that should be your choice. 

It is not easy being an MSP with or without using a CRM. While both have their own advantages, it is up to you to choose. Don’t use a CRM that adds to your everyday task rather, use a CRM that helps you with what it is supposed to do. 

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Why most sales CRM initiatives by MSPs fail?