Win Together! Partners and SaaS Vendors Unite on Zomentum



We have a problem. 

Despite our shared goals, we haven't found a great way to work together. 

Both Technology Partners and their Saas Vendors want to scale their businesses effectively and grow MRR. But listening to Partners, we at Zomentum hear that the support they need from their Vendors goes beyond a "password protected drive"  or portal. 

Of course, Vendors are frustrated too! 

They've embraced the Channel but don't know how to create productive relationships with Technology Partners. They have every incentive to do so. Unlocking the Partner Ecosystem can mean exponential growth for B2B SaaS companies! Just look at the Dropboxes, Microsofts, Hubspots, and Chargebees of the world. 

In January, I announced the acquisition of Goolash, now Zomentum Connect, our license reconciliation and automated billing product. It was the exciting next chapter in our story, and now the story continues… 

Chapter 1: Earn More Revenue by Accelerating Sales 

Chapter 2: Manage Revenue with License Reconciliation

Chapter 3: Grow Revenue with Smart Solutions 

Delivering on the third tent pole of our Revenue Platform vision meant finding the best solutions for partners to sell to their SMB clients, but making sure it was seamless.

To do this, we invited Vendors into the conversation and further explored the workflow issues that have been holding us back in technology sales.

What it Means to Reinvent Partner-Vendor Relationships

SaaS channel teams want to aid the partner sales process.

This takes communication, collaboration, personalization, a shared roadmap, and influence. 

It sounds like a winning strategy, right? Meanwhile, the reality is more like this: Partners use the tools provided by SaaS vendors to retrieve sales collateral, register deals, order solutions, and collect invoices. 

There's a disconnect. While the strategy is relationship-focused, often the implementation is a task list (as if Partners didn't have enough of those  — now imagine multiplying that by 10 or more vendors). 

When Partners have to log in to multiple Partner Portals — logging in and inputting data manually from one system into another — this quickly becomes unwieldy, especially as the number of Vendors increases. This inefficiency is demotivating and stifles Partners' sales, in the process shrinking SaaS pipelines too. 

The SaaS revolution is here to stay and all these problems are only going to compound with time.

But I think we've found the answer  — a PRM+. A next-generation partner relationship management solution integrated with an award-winning sales acceleration application that Partners already know, love, and use daily.   

By making it easier for Partners to work with Vendors, Partner Programs can thrive, benefitting the entire Partner Ecosystem and ensuring more revenue for all. 

Why Vendors Need Zomentum PartnerAlign, a PRM+

Zomentum PartnerAlign puts SaaS Vendors at the heart of their partners' revenue —generating activities. (If you're a Partner, skip to the next section where you can hear what's in it for you.)

Partners use Zomentum Grow to consolidate tools and streamline their sales workflow with an end-to-end application. It is also integrated with everything else partners use. Partners love that we're the single solution for: proposals & quotes, opportunity management, automated cadences, pipeline reporting, and QBRs.

So when Vendors sign up for PartnerAlign, we provide their Partners access to our powerful sales acceleration suite. 

We believe this is the key to foundationally supporting the Partner Programs Vendors create. 

Our hyper-focus on revenue makes PartnerAlign so much more than a PRM. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to work in a PRM+. 

Increase Partner Activation with Superior Onboaring and Training

First, we’re pulling Partners and Vendors out of their silos to revolutionize the Partner Ecosystem. 

For a Partner Program to bring ROI, it’s vital to activate and engage the full Partner base, effectively training them on products and services  — but this won’t happen if Partners don’t log into Vendors’ portals. We’ve rectified this problem by taking you to where Partners live to manage their sales workflow.

With PartnerAlign, Vendors can offer Partners training materials, sales enablement content, and custom templates with consistent on-brand messaging. Plus, they'll see which sales enablement and product bundles are most helpful or effective from enablement to e-sign. 

Offer Real-time Sales Support and Collateral to Convert Deals Together 

When Partners need to bring Vendors into their sales conversations, both parties know this is an easy way to speed up deal velocity but is it simple in practice? 

PartnerAlign gives Venders the opportunity to offer direction when Partners need it, in real-time.

SaaS Vendors know the language that will convert, and PartnerAlign allows them to chip in, whether it be with personalized proposals, real-time chat, or shadow-assist on deals. 

Get Revenue Visibility and Predictability

Vendors can't help scale sales without visibility. 

But Partners' leads, sales processes, and product positioning have long been a mystery. 

Now, integrated into the process, Vendors can see quoting behaviors to forecast Partner sales accurately. They have the ability to assign and manage leads, refine pipeline efficiency, and improve sales pitches. 

Build Awareness with Growth-focused Partners

Partner recruitment is a painful process, especially when Vendors rely on outbound processes to identify, pitch, and convince new Partners to sign up for their program. 

Our partner-first platform delivers the first-ever open ecosystem where Partners can discover SaaS vendors in our discovery marketplace. This means, Vendors are in front of partners

Win Together! Partners and SaaS Vendors Unite on Zomentum