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Unlock the Power of Business Proposal Software

Win more business opportunities and grow your MSP business with Zomentum, the ultimate business proposal software. Create business proposals in minutes, streamline your workflows, and generate more sales faster.

Create stunning, customized business proposals effortlessly
Automate your business proposal, e-sign, and collect payments in one go
Increase revenue opportunities with business proposals

4000+ MSPs & IT Partners rely on Zomentum to create proposals, quotes, and sign contracts, effortlessly!

Teams That Use Business Proposal Software Achieve Results

Increase in their closing rate using business proposals
Deals won using business proposal software
Decrease in avg time taken to win business
Create Winning Business Proposals With Zomentum: Your Gateway to Powerful Business Proposals

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Keep Track of Business Proposals & Approvals

Assign roles and permissions to team members, track business proposal approvals, and maintain a clear audit trail, ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process.

Gain valuable insights on open rates and track proposal revisions
Expedite your proposal approvals, e-sign them, and close sales faster
Easily manage business proposals and instantly share them with stakeholders
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Access Up-to-date Pricing and Inventory Levels

Seamlessly integrate with Etilize to get up-to-date pricing and inventory levels from your favorite distributors. Add product photos and descriptions directly into your business proposals, ensuring accurate and current information.

Make accurate pricing and inventory decisions in real-time
Eliminate manual entry & speed up the proposal creation process
Enhance proposal accuracy and responsiveness
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Unlock 100+ Interactive Business Proposals

Unlock a diverse collection of 100 dynamic business proposal templates. Craft visually engaging business proposals effortlessly, showcasing your offerings with dynamic multimedia elements like images, videos, and GIFs.

Seamlessly customize business proposals designs, colors, & close sales
Kickstart proposal creation with ready-to-use business proposal templates
Get pre-defined business proposal formats
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Get Real-time Visibility Into Proposal Interactions

Be the first to know when a business proposal is opened, viewed, commented on, or completed, empowering your team to jump into action and close deals faster.

Stay ahead with real-time proposal updates and approvals
Track proposal status - know when business proposals are opened & viewed
Get real-time visibility of proposal status to forecast sales
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Realize the Power of a Well-connected Tech Stack

Zomentum has 50+ well-functioning and relevant integrations providing a single, authentic source of truth. This helps to align teams, eliminate conflicts and drive revenue predictability. Zomentum integrates with your existing tech stack to free your team of time-consuming tasks and data transfer errors.

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Transform the Way You Create, Manage, and Win Proposals
Advanced Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive proposal analytics.

Accurate Pricing

Generate accurate quotes dynamically & customize pricing options.

100+ Proposal Templates

Access a vast selection of pre-defined business proposals and sales proposals.

Integrate Intelligently

Seamlessly connect with CRM software and boost sales productivity.

Automate Approvals

Streamline the proposal approval processes for efficient workflows.

Seamless E-signature

Create, e-sign, and manage business proposals in one place.

Supercharge Your Proposal Game & Win More Sales

Revolutionize the way you create and manage proposals with our state-of-the-art proposal app. Schedule a demo today and unlock the power of our business proposal software.

Deals won by partners using Zomentum proposal software
Decrease in avg time taken to create business proposals

See What Our Customers Say About Us

The document template makes our sales proposals a more modern experience with embedded videos and multi-stakeholder digital signatures with a customizable sales pipeline system.

Robert Picard
VP & COO, Demand ITS Inc

Zomentum makes it so quick and easy to create proposals that previously took a ton of time. The option of having my document templates built into the Zomentum platform or using pre-built global templates makes producing quotes for any service or hardware pretty straightforward.

Joaquin J Hernandez
Empowered IT Solutions

While using Zomentum, I have the ability to send a customer quote for one laptop and my proposal goes from $1,000 to over $6,200 because the client has the ability to change the quantity of the items ordered

Steve Dempsey,
Principal Neo tech LLC

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Still Have Questions? We've Got Answers.

What is business proposal software?

Business proposal software is a specialized tool that simplifies the creation, management, and optimization of business proposals. It offers pre-designed templates, content libraries, and customization options to create professional-looking proposals. It streamlines the approval process by assigning roles, tracking approvals, and maintaining an audit trail.

Why should I use business proposal software?

Using business proposal software, like Zomentum, streamlines the approval workflows and integration capabilities, it saves you time, improves efficiency, and increases your chances of winning new clients and securing profitable projects. By leveraging the power of business proposal software, you can elevate your proposals to a professional level and stand out in a competitive market, ultimately driving business growth and success.

What are the key features of the best proposal software?

The best proposal software, such as Zomentum, offers a range of essential features. These include an intuitive design for ease of use, pre-designed templates and content libraries to help you get started quickly, the ability to create business proposals efficiently, digitally sign and expedite the approval functionality, and seamlessly integrate with other software you use in your business, such as CRM and accounting packages.

How do I choose the best proposal software for my needs?

When selecting proposal software, it's important to consider your specific requirements and how the software's features align with your desired workflow. Look for an intuitive interface, robust template options, fast proposal creation capabilities, integrated electronic signature functionality, and integrations with other tools you rely on for your business operations.

Where can I find free business proposal templates?

When it comes to finding free business proposal templates, look no further than Zomentum. While many platforms charge for their templates, Zomentum offers a generous selection of professionally designed business proposal templates completely free of charge. With Zomentum, you can access a wide range of customizable templates that cater to various industries and proposal types, allowing you to create impressive, winning proposals without incurring any additional costs.

Have more questions? Please email us at support@zomentum.com and we will help you find a relevant plan and address more inquiries.

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