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Disorganized contracts
Missed deadlines
Inefficient processes
Version control and collaboration issues
Security and compliance risks
Renewal oversight and audit trail challenges

Manage Your Entire Contract Lifecycle with the Best Contract Management Software

Create professional contracts in minutes

Leverage pre-designed contract templates to create professional contracts in minutes. Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to further customize the contracts without any technical know-how.

Take control of your contract lifecycle

Oversee your contracts from creation to closure and track them throughout their lifecycle, including drafting, negotiation, approval, execution, and renewal. This enables efficient management and compliance at every stage.

Don’t miss out on renewals ever again

Track contact expiration dates and send timely reminders to customers to increase renewals. Take proactive actions for renewals and prevent them from suddenly lapsing and leaking revenue.

Get notified when customers take action

Know when to act by getting notified when customers take action, like opening the contract or signing it. This helps you stay proactive and make prompt decisions to ensure a sale.

Collaborate and negotiate effectively

Allow customers to add comments within the contract and respond to those comments to negotiate effectively. Enable team members to collaborate on contracts to make important changes and updates.

Automate contract approval workflows

Set up customer approval workflows to send approval requests in parallel across departments. Speed up the approval process and send error-free contracts on time to increase sales and revenue.

Key features of Zomentum Contract Software

Customizable Templates

Choose from various pre-designed contract templates and edit them with our drag-and-drop editor.

Centralized Repository

Store all your contracts in a centralized repository and access them anytime and anywhere.

Version Control and Tracking

Track all the changes on a contract document and maintain version history to ensure you can always return to a previous version.

Audit Trails

Get a secure chronological record of all activities and transactions performed on a contract.

Real-Time Notifications

Get notifications when customers perform an activity, such as opening the contract, commenting, or signing on it.

Collaboration and Communication

Comment on contracts to collaborate with your team members and make informed decisions.

Connect with your favorite tools

Zomentum integrates with an array of CRM, ERP, project management, and collaboration tools. Use all your favorite tools in one place, create a single source of truth, and boost your team’s efficiency.

Get Complete Clarity and Control of Your Contract Process

Create and send professional contracts in minutes with the best contract management software. Book a Demo to see how it works.

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What is contract management software, and what does it do?

Contract management software is a digital tool that centralizes, organizes, and streamlines contract-related processes, from creation to renewal, ensuring efficient management. It helps you get rid of clunky contract paperwork and save time and resources.

Is contract management software suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Whether you’re a freelancer, solo entrepreneur, MSME, or enterprise, you need to create and manage contracts. Therefore, contract management software is a useful tool that can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Does Zomentum integrate with other tools and solutions?

Yes, Zometum connects with over 50 tools across categories and functionalities. Some notable integrations include HubSpot, QuickBooks, Xero, and Salesforce.

Can Zomentum help me automate contract renewal processes?

Yes, you can set up automatic reminders to automate your contract renewal process. When a contract is about to expire, the software will automatically trigger reminder emails to ensure the customer gets notified about the expiry.