Enroll in New SaaS Programs and Grow Revenue

Work with innovative SaaS vendors in a standardized way to meet your client needs, provide additional products and services to clients, and explore new revenue streams.

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Find the Right SaaS Vendors, Engage Clients, and Grow Revenue

Connect With Reliable Vendors

A trusted vendor not only gives you high-quality products but also lends technical support and other resources that boost your sales efforts. On Zomentum, connect with vetted vendors with strong partner programs. We screen them first so you can focus on delighting your clients while vendors offer secure and reliable products.

Standardize Working With Vendors

Build profitable partnerships by achieving a clear and consistent framework for collaboration and mutual success. On Zomentum, you can replicate the process for every vendor to ensure all products offered through the partnership meet the same standards for quality, reliability, and support.

High Margin Product Selling

How to select vendor products that will give you highest profit margins? On Zomentum, evaluate from a list of various partner programs that boost your MRR, check out vendor support framework, and finally select the best fit for your business. We give you more vendor options to select from that offer higher margins on the product you’re selling.

Get Paid on Time

Delayed commission payments can cripple your business and lead to stale vendor relationships. On Zomentum, credible vendors are already aligned to channel commission structure and adhere to payment schedules to ensure you’re paid on time. We also help you quickly identify and resolve any discrepancies with payments.

Collaborate With SaaS Vendors to Drive Sales

Find Vendors for All Your Clients’ SaaS Needs

Go beyond your portfolio to discover popular and trending SaaS solutions. Find the ones you need right where you’re selling to meet your clients’ most challenging business problems.

Get Read to Use Sales Materials and Sales Support

Share your vendors' ready to use sales materials with your clients to increase sales conversions. Build relationships with vendors for better support and to take advantage of promotional offers.

Manage Multiple Vendor Commissions in One Place

Forget jumping from one vendor portal to the next to manage your vendor-specific invoices. Consolidate vendor billing—and manage and verify commission payments—on a single platform.

Use Vendor Templates for Your Sales Documents

Automatically update product and vendor-specific details in your sales proposals and quotes. Access vendor templates, customize them, and share them with your clients.

Why Zomentum
Shorten the Time to Discover SaaS vendors

Zomentum lists selected SaaS vendors on its marketplace, which are hand-picked for their partner-friendly programs and bring the best deals so you can achieve more revenue.

Work With Multiple Vendors At a Time

By establishing strong relationships with each vendor, understanding their products and pricing models, and standardizing workflows, you can effectively work with multiple SaaS vendors simultaneously.

Earn High Commission and Profit Margins

Identify high-value vendors and products that offer higher commission rates. Negotiate favourable terms, secure discounts, and provide additional support from vendors to clients that increase the value of your products.

We Have Been Recognised by the Industry for Our Partner-first Approach
Other Features
Assess How to Deliver Value

Perform routine risk assessments to identify gaps.

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Manage Pipelines & Funnels

Close deals quickly with sales activity management.

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Automate Tedious Sales Tasks

Save time on repetitive but unavoidable actions.

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Quicker Velocity, Bigger Deals — With Zomentum

Try the sales acceleration solution that helps Partners procure and sell smarter SaaS solutions and accelerate growth.

Free Tools and Resources To Explore
Vendor Evaluation Template

Assess the performance of your vendors effectively.

Vendor Risk Assessment Template

Identify vulnerabilities associated with a specific vendor.


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