Your Guide To Picking the Right PRM for Your Partner Program

First, what’s all the fuss about Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools anyway?

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools are designed to help companies manage their partner network and drive revenue through the channel. Here are a few reasons why partnership teams might find a PRM tool useful:

Streamline communication: PRM tools can help streamline communication between a company and its partners. This can be especially important when working with a large network of partners, as it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

Improve collaboration: A PRM tool can help facilitate collaboration between a company and its partners. For example, a company might use a PRM tool to share marketing materials, track leads, and co-sell with partners.

Track performance: PRM tools can help companies track the performance of their partner network. This can include metrics like lead generation, revenue generated, and partner engagement.

Enhance visibility: By providing a centralized platform for managing partner relationships, PRM tools can help companies gain visibility into their partner network. This can include insights into partner activity, lead status, and partner engagement.

Increase revenue: Ultimately, the goal of a PRM tool is to help companies drive more revenue through the channel. By streamlining communication, improving collaboration, tracking performance, and enhancing visibility, PRM tools can help companies maximize the value of their partner network.

How to choose the right Partner Relationship Management for your company?

Choosing the right Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tool can be a daunting task. Different PRM tools offer different features and functionality. Consider what specific features you need in a PRM tool to manage your partner network effectively. Look for a tool that provides the right set of features that align with your business requirements. Here are some factors to consider that can help you make an informed decision:

CRM Integration

Consider the integration capabilities of the PRM tool with your CRM, which is your source of truth. Ensure that the PRM tool integrates seamlessly and is able to push and pull partner data in real time. This is important to ensure everyone in your organization has access to all channel deal context in real time. This is also particularly important to avoid deal clashes between your partners and direct sales teams.

Must Haves

Bi-directional flow of data
Deal, Contacts sync
Ability to pull reports on CRM based on PRM data

Nice to Have

Ability to assign deals to partners from the CRM
Activity, Tasks, Logs Sync

Deal Registration

Deal registration is critical to the majority of channel teams because it helps to incentivize partners to bring in new business and provides visibility into the performance of the partner network. Helps avoid conflict between internal and external sales teams and ensures that the customer does not have a broken experience when dealing with your brand.

  • Encourages partner participation: Deal registration provides an incentive for partners to bring in new business by offering them a protected status for a specific opportunity. When a partner registers a deal, they are typically granted exclusive rights to that opportunity for a period of time, which can motivate them to focus their efforts on driving that particular opportunity forward.
  • Facilitates fair competition: Deal registration can help to ensure that partners are competing on a level playing field. By registering deals, partners can avoid the situation where multiple partners are working on the same opportunity, which can lead to confusion and conflicts of interest.
  • Enables better tracking and reporting: Deal registration provides visibility into the performance of the partner network. By tracking the number of registered deals, the stage of each opportunity, and the revenue generated by each partner, companies can gain insight into the effectiveness of their partner program.
  • Helps allocate resources: By tracking deal registration data, companies can get a better sense of which partners are most active and which opportunities are most promising. This information can be used to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on the most promising opportunities and the most engaged partners. The ability to track top of the funnel also gives partner teams insights into effectiveness of their MDF and Channel Marketing Efforts, enabling them to track, measure and improve channel performance.

Must Haves

Approval workflows
Customisable deal registration form

Nice to Have

Channel conflict management

Deal Collaboration

Enabling deal collaboration with channel partners is an important aspect of partner relationship management. Defining deal registration and collaboration processes is critical. Establish clear guidelines and processes for registering and collaborating on deals with partners. This should include criteria for deal registration, rules for sharing deal information, and expectations for collaboration.

Make sure to provide collaboration tools. Equip partners with collaboration tools that enable them to work more effectively with your sales team. This might include tools for sharing information, quoting capabilities, transparent pricing information, tracking progress, and communicating with each other. Encourage regular communication between your sales team and your partners, and provide opportunities for them to interact and collaborate.

Must Haves

Transparent view of shared pipeline
Lead sharing to partners
Ability to share pricing information

Nice to Have

Auto email follow-up when a partner doesn't complete a task
Quoting capability for partners

Forecasting channel revenue

One of the biggest challenges for channel leaders is the inability to accurately forecast revenue from channel partners. This is difficult because the data does not reside in your CRM and your channel managers are entirely reliant on your partners to provide deal updates periodically. This is a major challenge at scale and communication overheads tend to spiral out of control, resulting in wasted resources and unpredictable forecasting capabilities.

Must Haves

Updated values of all partner deals with associated close dates
Ability to track a deal from registration to Closed Won stage
Ability to forecast partner pipeline every month

Nice to Have

Automations and notifications based on movements in deal stages

Automation of all channel manager activity

For managers, PRM automation automates most time-consuming tasks like tracking performance metrics, onboarding new partners and offering them training and support. This enables managers to focus more on strategic activities. Partner automation also empowers partners to be self-sufficient, leading to higher engagement rate and loyalty over time, which further simplifies managers’ day-to-day activities.

Must Haves

Access to data and metrics concerning all partner activities
Partner-related data collection and reporting

Nice to Have

Data collection from partner conversations

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is critical for managing channel partners because it helps to ensure that partners have the resources and knowledge they need to sell effectively, which can lead to increased revenue and stronger partnerships. It provides partners with the resources and tools they need to sell more effectively. This can include training materials, marketing collateral, and product information. By providing partners with these resources, they are better equipped to position and sell your products, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

This is also crucial in building up partner engagement and loyalty. Partners are more likely to be engaged and committed to your brand when they feel supported and equipped to sell effectively. By investing in sales enablement, you are sending a message to your partners that you value their success and are committed to helping them achieve it.

Ultimately, the goal of sales enablement is to drive revenue through the channel. By providing partners with the resources and knowledge they need to sell more effectively, you are increasing the likelihood of closing deals and driving revenue.

Must Haves

Content library to house different forms on content for easy access
Ability to control access of content by different partners according to requirements and tiers

Nice to Have

Ability to embed third party content like Youtube
Co-Branded assets

Powerful analytics

Reporting and analytics are critical components of a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) tool because they provide valuable insights into the performance of your partner program and help you make data driven decisions. By analyzing data such as partner performance, deal registration, revenue generated, activities etc, you can identify areas of strength and weakness and make changes to improve performance.This can help you to identify which partners are performing well and which partners need additional support.

Must Haves

Analyze Basic insights into how the partners are using the PRM (Pipeline data, conversion rates,content interaction stats)
Partner leaderboard on number of deals, demos, closures

Nice to Have

Analyze Advanced insights into how the partners are using the PRM (Daily rep activity,  tasks count, advanced content interaction stats)

Partner Portal Adoption

One of the main reasons behind failed PRM implementations is poor partner portal adoption. For instance, Forrester research shows less than 55% of your partners are likely to login to the portal at least once in a month. Considering your portal is the primary channel of engagement with your partner network, it is important to consider a platform that will add value to your partners as opposed to merely being a repository of marketing materials.

The best way to remedy this is to provide a portal that improves your level of engagement with partners while also adding value to your partners processes through the partner portal. Consider whether the tool is intuitive and easy to adopt, and how much training might be required to get up to speed.

Must Haves

Easy to use interface for both partners and channel managers
Onboarding, Training and continuous support
Flexible engagement to support global partners

Nice to Have

Account Creation, Password Setting and resetting with SSO


Pricing models can vary widely among PRM tools. Consider the cost of the tool and whether it offers value for money, taking into account the specific features, functionality, and support offered. Also, if you are a fast growing partner org, ensure pricing structure does not penalize your rate of growth and that it can align with your objectives.

Must Haves

Flexible pricing that aligns with your growth targets

Nice to Have

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision when choosing the right PRM tool for your organization.

Why Consider Zomentum?

You should consider Zomentum to grow your partner program if you’re looking for a comprehensive PRM tool that is optimized for partner experience. After all, Zomentum is the only partner portal that is also used directly by more than 4,500 GTM partners as their preferred sales acceleration suite. It helps them manage pipeline, automate sales activities, build documents and execute contracts whilst being completely integrated with all of their workflows and tools. We have a suite of capabilities for your channel team that helps you effectively enable and grow with your partners.

Our platform helps you with -

Channel Pipeline Visibility and
Co-selling With Partners

Collaborate on opportunities and quotes with partners to build demand, contextually offer sales enablement, share deals and provide a solution for end-customer needs. This collaborative engagement between you and your partner ecosystem results in pipeline visibility and revenue predictability.

Deal Registration

Get clear visibility over lead origination, assignment, and activities. All these details are synced to your CRM in real-time to avoid channel conflict.

Partner Onboarding and Enablement

Set up your partners for success by providing marketing content and training programs accessible in Zomentum. Set up automated onboarding workflows to ensure optimal partner experience when they sign up to your program.

Automating your partner workflows

Put your partner engagement tasks on autopilot with advanced workflow automations and leave nothing to chance. Automatically set up notifications for channel managers when a deal stage is updated, deal value has gone over a specified threshold or just simply, set up a meeting with your partner if a key deal has not moved in a while. Proactively assess critical updates and support your partners to win deals

Billing Automation and Reconciliation

Provide all-around visibility into pricing and billing with proper connectors to partners' systems such as PSA, ERPs and accounting software. With well-functioning and up-to-date integrations, become the preferred vendor in the partner community and free your internal engineering bandwidth.

Expanding your Partner Network

Get visibility in front of the look-alike audience of your existing partner network. List your products on Zomentum, where 4500+ active go-to-market partners are resellers, VARs, MSPs, implementation partners, agencies who can discover and enroll in your partner program.

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