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Close deals faster with professional documents

Mobile friendly proposals

Gain approvals faster with mobile-friendly documents that can be perused and signed on the go. Set a clear approval workflow to automate the approval process. Provide a signee order, set expiry date, change the order of signees to fast-track document approval.

Stand out with branded documents

Stand out amidst competitors with aesthetic looking and easy to understand quotes, SLAs and QBRs that are simple and reflect your brand identity. Add your own logo, brand aesthetics to make your proposals stand out from the competition and build a personal brand for your business.

Reusable templates

Standardize your sales quotes and proposals with reusable templates that help you save a relevant quote, proposal content, product descriptions, configuration, and pricing in a predefined document. Easily save any document or a quote as a template and import existing quotes without any disruption in your sales process.

Personalize with merge tags

Use merge tags to personalize documents with relevant data. Use an existing merge-tag or create a new merge tag to replace all recurring variables within documents.

Fill information with input fields

Create input fields to receive information within a document quickly. Receive any information in the document as strings, numbers and check boxes to avoid the back and forth in filling information.

Maximize productivity with an intuitive drag and drop editor

Documents as microsite

Create professional documents as a microsite in just a few clicks. Maximize productivity by creating multiple proposals in a short time, save them as templates or customize them for each client, all with a few clicks.

Save and reuse important snippets of documents

Create highly customized documents quickly with intuitive drag and drop editor. Configure pricing to suit any service, solution, or offering that accommodates multiple pricing plans. Save snippets of documents in addition to saving the whole document as templates with saved blocks.

Win sales pitches with video

Vibrant multimedia blocks to help your quotes look professional. Attach videos to quotes and to deliver a personalized video pitch. Send quotes with brand-specific colors, logos, and images to aid in your brand recognition.

Clear audit trail

Gain real-time alerts at every-stage of stakeholder interaction with the document. Capture all activities on the document and set auto-reminders for clients to approve documents.

Win more deals with flexible Quotes

Customizable Quotes and discounts

Customize quotes to your specific needs with options to hide price or item quantity. Include additional set-up prices and discounts as a part of your quotes.

Complete brand recall

Customize your quotes to also match your company branding and customize labels as per your company standards. Customize every part of your document to reflect the brand identity.

Highly configurable pricing

Create a pricing plan for every kind of offering. Easily accommodate recurring billing, one-time offering or special services in your pricing plans and tiers.

Compelling upsells with optional items

Give your clients multiple options between plans, pricing, and product bundles and provide them with the choice to pick a plan that best suits their needs. Enable checkboxes to help them optionally choose or not choose an offering and provide a professional service that empowers customers with choice.

Cost and profit margin tracking

Track and monitor the overall profit you’re making on your offerings. Gain insights about the margin on individual offerings or each quote you configure.

Avoid the back and forth with e-sign approvals and comments

Faster sales with countersign and multiple signees

Streamline your sales with e- signatures and enable your customers to electronically accept and sign proposals subject to the acceptance terms you specify. Provide a signee order, set expiry date, change the order of signees to fast-track document approval.

Mobile friendly documents

Gain approvals faster with mobile-friendly documents that can be perused and signed on the go. Set a clear approval workflow to automate the approval process.

Real-time collaboration with comments

Enable collaboration between your customers and salespeople. Allow clients to raise any clarification through comments and have your salespeople clarify sales objections in real-time. Don’t pave way for sales friction and close deals in the present with inbuilt e-signature.

Instigate urgency with document expiry

Set an expiry date for your sales proposal to instigate a sense of urgency and close deals faster with quicker approvals.

Notifications and reminders

Capture all activities on the document and set automatic reminders for clients to approve documents. Choose time intervals for reminders to be automatically sent at frequent intervals, so that all stakeholders are informed at all times.

Tightly integrated with your favorite distributors

Everything you need in one place

Get all relevant real-time, product configuration, and pricing information. Avoid switching between multiple tools with pertinent information exactly where you need them.

Product catalog

Gain an extensive product catalog and rich content information with the third party IT information provider Etilize and eliminate the need to type comprehensive product information ever again.

Distributor integrations

Gain real-time pricing information on all your offerings from your distributor accounts including Ingram, Techdata, D&H and more.

PSA integrations

With two way PSA integrations, you not only import all your existing accounts, contacts, and product offerings into Zomentum from Connectwise manage, BMS, and Autotask but also automatically push all won deals into your PSA tools and continue to manage them seamlessly.

An exhaustive list of features that save your time

Automatic Reminders

Set periodic reminders with a start date and time-interval for recurring notifications until document expiry or closure.

Pre-Built Reports

Generate document reports to easily track and monitor winning templates to find out what works and generate sales margin reports.

Secure & Legally Binding

The digital signature process is ISO 27001 certified & compliant with the ESIGN Act, eIDAS and recognized globally.

Bulk Import

Import product catalog from distributors and vendors in common formats such as CSV or Excel.

Mark up & Margin

Calculate markup price and deduct tax based on the selling price on the product.

Export Product List

Export your product and pricing list into any PSA or accounting software with easy Zapier integrations.

Electronic Sign-off

Approve documents faster with an electronic sign-off.

Multiple Signees

Set multiple signees for documents and also define the order of significance.

Quote Labor

Include not only prices for products and services but also include set-up and implementation costs.

Win Opportunities Today with Zomentum.

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