How to drop the leads who don't fit your ideal customer persona?

If you are an MSP, I am sure you have come across this situation many times. 

You work excellently yet cannot close leads. You have prospects in your sales pipeline but nothing works.

So, do you know what exactly might be wrong?

Prospects that don't fit your customer persona are never good for the team. A lead who is least interested in your product/services in the sales cycle will eat your time away and the conversation looks more like a rejection post-call.  

And such negativities need to be cleaned up for the most important team in any organization—especially the MSPs, who make sales and also get into the technicalities of building an IT infrastructure. 

But you might be wondering: why should I lose those deals? They are in the pipeline for a reason. They showed interest at some point in time. Why can’t I keep selling my services/products to them? 

Well, when you ask these questions, it is evitable how panicked you are to see your pipeline getting empty. But how do you expect to get fresh crops if you don’t chop the existing ones? 

It’s time to chop the weed and grow fresh!

In this article, we help you in making bold decisions and ways to drop the prospects that are not your ideal customers and then maintain a sales pipeline full of hot prospects.

Identifying the not-so-ideal leads

When dealing with customers day-in and day-out, you get the feeling deep down and the experience to segregate your customers into two types: interested and disinterested. 

But you cannot go around making choices and drop leads only because you have a feeling deep down. Before you come to a conclusion, you must follow up with a client as per your touchpoints. 

And by then, you will more or less have a better understanding of the ‘type’ of leads you are dealing with. 

For example,

They aren’t the right customers

When you contact your leads, not-so-ideal customers are the most dreadful. They are the kind of leads who do not open your email or ‘no’s your team’s sales pitches. In fact, they are also the ones who are not the decision-makers. They might love your sales pitches and encourage you to sell more, but they cannot really help you go beyond the first step. 

You must keep pursuing the organization but in a different approach. Contacting the same customer will not help, and therefore, you must drop this customer to acquire a new contact within the organization. 

You could probably get the new contact’s details from the existing one, but smartly! 

They don’t have funds to avail your services

Of course, you might have come across such clients. And what do you generally do in situations like these? Follow up. Follow up and follow up. 

And you find that this circle of follow up is never-ending. But as an MSP, you don’t give up because you understand the value of an interested customer. 

But the major problem with such clients is that they will hold the agreement and swear to receive funds, endlessly. And communicating with such clients is something that you should not afford. 

Don’t completely drop leads who are out of budget. But limit the number of hours you spend on them. Make them your low priority for now. 

Your product is not what they need

The product you sell is great, and you know that. Probably, a customer you approached earlier might have been interested in your product but later decided that it’s not a good fit for their business. 

You must understand the fact that what kind of business is best suitable for your product. And if not, what possibly could be the reasons. If a customer is confused about whether to avail of your services or not, then you should be the better judge. 

Analyze the situation, make the customer understand (if there is a window), and move on. 

They might be ghosting you 

You might many times come across such clients who might be interested in your services/product but avoid your calls and emails. They literally dodge you. 

So, as an MSP, what do you do? You remove them from your sales pipeline or update their details and leave it for the next follow up?

When you are totally neglected by a client who might or might not be interested in your services/product, listen to it, and stop following them. Consider this as a passive objection from a customer and move on. 

Make the hard (and correct) sales management decisions   

You know that clients can also be the reason for the slow movement of the sales pipeline. However, for decades it has been our thumb rule: to never accuse a client. And we totally understand why!

But with the changing world and the technological advancements, as a salesperson, we must hustle to get our brand name out rather, to follow up with clients who are not very interested in our product/services. 

To weed out the not-so-ideal leads, come up with rules for flagging them. Prescribe an action for each rule. Send parting emails to the clients who have not shown much interest. Rather than holding the loose ends, try to break up. 

Not every lead that comes your way and is negligible should be flagged. No! You must outline lead qualification criteria and analyze the leads based on their requirements and your offerings. If you wish to become an MSP who cracks a maximum number of deals, then you must understand the value of dropping the not-so-ideal leads. This might seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. 

At first, it seems unjust. But when you continuously practice is when you truly understand the benefit of dropping these leads. 

Dump your not-so-ideal leads and refill again (with hot leads) 

Now that your pipeline is empty, replace the not-so-ideal ones with the hot leads. You can refer to our guide to understand how to keep your sales pipeline full

Remember, you don’t have to find more leads. You must find better leads.