How To Use Video To Add A Personalized Touch To Your Sales Proposals

All sales efforts, be it the research, the cold-calling or the demos, ultimately come down to increasing the rate of closing deals. Sales teams can no longer simply tweak a canned email template, and cast a wide net to get people’s attention. It is important to get creative as a salesperson and use personalization in the form of videos in outreach and engagement efforts.

Although personalized videos aren’t new to marketing teams, sales teams in general have quite lagged behind in adopting them in their sales proposal templates. However, those teams that are successfully incorporating videos in their sales processes or work proposal templates greatly benefit from it – more on the benefits in the later part of this blog.  

The use of videos in the sales proposal template

Trust is the foundation of sales, although building trust is a goal on its own. The idea of content marketing is based on trust and building long-term relationships - video content helps achieve this. Videos are more likely to engage with users or prospects and kindle emotions.

Heads of businesses and key decision makers seldom have the time to read long product descriptions or dig deep into the services described in a sales proposal document or template. The modern buyer wants to see the product or a business in action; this has been one of the important factors for the growing acceptance of videos in sales and marketing efforts.

Videos in sales proposals help deliver valuable context and insights into business processes, enabling prospects to closely understand what it is that you are pitching. Layering videos into sales proposals can greatly add value to sales presentations. Adding a process-explainer video in sales proposals help explain particular parts of a proposal in more detail, engaging with the prospect and helping them understand the topic better.

Research shows that people choose to interact with businesses that use personalization.

Studies show that 96% of marketers believe in personalization to improve customer relationships.

What makes a video personalized?

When approaching a company or a person within a company, a video is said to be personalized if it includes content that is custom-made to the specific person in question – the video can consist of the person's name, the company name, or messaging that is precisely addressed to them.

Personalized outreach is imperative in all the stages of sales communication – right from the early conversations to sending out proposals, and closing the deal. If prospects are presented with personalized communications right from the early stages in the marketing process, they will tend to expect the same in all subsequent sales relationships and interactions.

Personalization of work proposal templates with videos

A good proposal management software suggests the right sales proposal template, helps thoroughly review the sales proposal document, identifies and recommends areas of text that can be replaced with videos. However, video personalization does not necessarily entail elaborate software and tools; it ultimately depends on the sales executive’s creativity to find ways to make a video more personalized by including the appropriate messaging approach.

Creating the video includes scripting, story boarding and all of pre and post production processes. It makes more sense to use internal talent or particular subject matter experts rather than models or actors. This enables the prospects to understand that the information is coming directly from the company, making him or her feel closer to the seller.Also, by using subject matter experts, a prospect knows exactly who they will be working with after closing the deal.

Another important aspect of personalization of videos is to specifically address the prospect’s problem, rather than listing the problems faced by the prospect’s industry collectively. This makes the prospect feel that the sales proposal is crafted after sufficient research and understanding about them.

Different ways to utilize videos in sales proposal templates

Customer testimonials

Marketing teams can help their sales counterparts by requesting a few happy customers to talk about their experience with the company. These videos can be used it her as an introduction or as a follow-up message to build added trust.

Team introductions

A short introduction video of the sales teams and the customer service teams can be added in the sales proposal. This helps put a face to the company and makes it feel more personal to the prospect.

Product or service demo

Sales teams can either reuse their existing demo videos, or shoot new personalized one to show what the customer can expect to by choosing the company.

Problem and solution explanation

Videos can help restate how the company has perceived the prospect’s current problem, and quickly explain what the proposed solution is. Sales executives cannot always expect prospects to read the complete proposal to get to the problem-solution part.

Frequently asked questions

Products and services can sometimes be quite complicated to be immediately understood by prospects. Rather than listing FAQs in large chunks of text, a video that answers top 10 questions that the company is often asked certainly saves time in the sales process.

Follow-up messages

Follow-up videos of the sales executive offering personalized insights and directly talking to the prospect can certainly set the company to stand out from the crowd. A potential customer would be thrilled to watch a video that enquires about his or her buying decisions, making them feel valued.

Benefits of using videos in sales proposals

Shorter sales cycles

Many busy professionals seldom have the time to read lengthy sales proposals.However, they often find it worthwhile to take five minutes out of their schedules to watch a quick video that walks them through the high points of a sales proposal. They can simply forward it to the other decision makers quickly, enabling shorter sales cycles.

Builds better trust and improves relationships

Salespeople today mostly sell via emails, screen sharing, or simply on phone calls rather than meeting customers in person. Personalized videos help build an instant connection and trust with customer from the word-go.

Eliminates clutter

Most prospects receive hundreds of emails and social media messages when they put out the word seeking a particular product or service. Companies that approach with videos, particularly as introduction messages can put them ahead of competition.

Precise messaging

Unlike text messages, a potential customer can simply hit on play and listen to what exactly the sales executive is trying to convey. Important communication does not get lost in translation because a sales professional can add additional visuals and details.

Better rate of response

Prospective customers will be positively surprised and promptly appreciate the extra time & effort that the sales team has invested in preparing the sales proposal with videos. This will significantly improve their response rate, and most likely, positively influence it too.